Meet Your One-Stop Shop Spa Supplier

Looking to start up a spa or upgrade you clinic or salon in the new year? Spa Vision is your one-stop shop Spa supplier.

As a global leading supplier to luxury hotels and resorts, Spa Vision sure has got the goods. Thanks to their new local office in Adelaide, Australia, it’s now easy as 1,2,3 to spruce up the look of your salon or clinic, or have a guiding hand when starting from scratch.

But Spa Vision is much more than just a spa supplier, providing a 360-degree service for all your spa, clinic and salon needs –  from pre-opening business consultancy to interior design consultancy, as well as operational support.

Rather than having to go through different teams of experts to get your spa up and running, Spa Vision provides an informed link between operator, developer and design team from inception to opening.

Spa Vision

Before: Spa Concept & Feasibility

The team at Spa Vision will work together with their clients to highlight the spa concept and philosophy to determine the spa’s design and operational direction. Financials and cash flows are just as important as the spa concept itself. Along with this service, they offer a business feasibility report to provide financial projections supporting the concept brief.

During: Spa Design Consultancy

During the building and design phase, Spa Vision consultants will be working directly with the experts including architects and interior design to bring the concept to life.

After: Spa Pre-opening Consultancy

The key to success of new spas is a solid operational base, great staff recruitment and training of the highest level. The spa consultants from Spa Vision will ensure all key operational elements are implemented and tested before the spa opens.

The core services to be offered during the pre-opening phase are:

  • Spa Operations
  • Spa Financial Projections
  • Spa Product and Treatment Direction
  • Spa Equipment and IT Systems
  • Spa Marketing & PR
  • Spa Staff Recruitment
  • Spa Staff Training
  • Spa Opening

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of happy clients worldwide, Spa Vision is looking forward to creating and transforming spas Down Under.