Who Knew Bamboo Could Be This Chic?

If you fancy yourself a friend of the environment, you’ve likely already taken as many steps towards sustainability within your own business as possible, such as sustainable skincare or recycling programs like Sustainable Salons Australia. Your efforts might also include considering some environmentally-friendly uniform options for your staff. If you’ve already ventured down this path, you may have discovered that bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabric options available.

The Uniform Stylist – Mojo Pant

A soft and durable fibre, there is already a large market for bamboo threads, predominantly for baby clothing and bed linen varieties, but there are countless reasons to love bamboo for your team’s uniforms as well. It’s such an eco-friendly choice because bamboo, a perennial grass, is incredibly easy for growers to cultivate; doesn’t erode soil, doesn’t require a lot of water (in fact it’s drought-tolerant) and suppresses the growth of surrounding plants – meaning no need for pesticides.

It’s a particularly viable option for the beauty and aesthetics industry too, for many reasons. It’s softer than cotton, thereby comfortable to wear for long periods, but it’s also very durable. It’s quick-drying, breathable and moisture wicking – ideal for warm rooms, spills during facials or spa rituals, or working up a sweat during massage or physical therapies. Bamboo is even demonstrated to boast natural antibacterial properties, and hypoallergenic – perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Leesa Dawson, founder of The Uniform Stylist, is a long-time lover of bamboo uniforms for the hair and beauty industries.

The Uniform Stylist – Foxy Top

“[I love] The way the material feels against your skin. Most clients are surprised that it feels so good, so luxurious. Normally uniforms have a reputation for being a bit stiff/ hot…. having to be so durable. But wearing bamboo they get SOFT and durable. The breathable, comfort factor is a no brainer for all day wear – especially when you compare with 100% polyester or other bleach proof products that don’t breathe.”

If bamboo uniforms are just one of your steps towards sustainability within your business, Leesa recommends searching for suppliers that also employ sustainable practices throughout their purchase and production processes too.


The Uniform Stylist – Zing Top

“We supply our products in re-usbale packets so they can be stored dust free, or re-used after adding logos. They are not single use. We’re working on biodegradable packaging too. As a supplier, we are focused on improving our footprint, so that our clients can feel assured that our processes are in line with their own environmentally sound practices.”

For any business owners concerned about sacrificing style for sustainability, thankfully, it is possible to have the best of both worlds! Armed with a background in fashion, Leesa established The Uniform Stylist in order to fill a gap in the market for fashionable, quality uniforms for the aesthetics industry that ‘don’t look like uniforms’.

“Our [bamboo] products look like a high end product. It’s like comparing 100% silk to 100% polyester – you can actually see the difference, as well as feel it. People say our clothing “looks too good to wear as a uniform”…but we think there is no such thing as “too good” in a boutique clinic, salon or spa.”

The Uniform Stylist – Moxa Wrap Skirt

“At The Uniform Stylist, we Dare to be Different. So our bamboo range is quite different in styling and details to what is currently available in the beauty uniform market already.  No-one else has bamboo in their range. We’re leaving the traditional styles to the experts who have that look well covered. Our clients expect ‘something different’ from us. We’ll continue to work with our trend forecasters and fashion stylists  to ensure that what we offer has all the modern details in our range.”


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