Is Your Spa Male-Friendly?

Even in this brave new world of 2018, despite the growth we’ve seen in manscaping and male grooming of late, there is still hesitation from the male population when it comes to setting foot in spas, salons and clinics. It’s one thing for them to enjoy the at-home rituals, but physically stepping into a treatment under the watchful eyes of other clients? Totally different story.

So how can we break the taboo and encourage men to embrace spa treatments? Here are some ideas that may start to bring them around.

Accentuate Wellness
There is a definite shift in the industry towards natural products and services, and a new focus on the health benefits of treatments. It’s no longer about going to a spa to feel pretty – most clients are now looking for reprieve from stress-laden schedules, treating visits with a more holistic approach. This angle will definitely help market your treatments to men. They may not want to admit it, but most men are desperate for a bit of timeout, relaxation and TLC. When describing your treatments, add keywords that focus on the mental effects of treatments – such as stress reduction, tension relief, soothing, replenishing or sensory, rather than just describing physical appearance, or too many words that could be perceived as quite feminine, such as glowing, pampered, primped, beautiful, etc.

Tailored Treatments
Let gents know that your treatments are suitable for them. Of course in most cases they will be, but the majority of men may need this pointed out to them. You can imagine how intimidating it might be to walk into a female-dominated environment and request a treatment that you genuinely believe is designed for the opposite sex. A sentence or paragraph in your menu might do the trick, or consider offering some more services specifically designed for men. Customised facials including beard treatments or massage-heavy, no-polish pedicures are sure to coax some gents through your doors, and make them feel like they have a place in this traditionally women-only world.

Social Media
We have the power to ‘normalise’ a male presence in spas, salons and clinics everywhere, and a great way to do this is sharing via social media. We know a huge percentage of the population have their consumer decisions swayed by social media, so the next time you have any gentleman visit you for a treatment, see if they wouldn’t mind you snapping a pic, or better yet – ask if they’d like to share their experience themselves.

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