Is Your Spa Spring Ready?

That’s right – it’s almost September already, and we are counting down the days until spring. Arguably the busiest period in the beauty, spa and aesthetics industry calendar, spring marks the beginning of an influx of social occasions as we say goodbye to our winter woollies, flash some skin and enjoy the return of warmth and sunshine.

Here’s what’s topping our list of spring preparations:

Father’s Day
We know Father’s Day may not yet be quite as popular as Mother’s Day when it comes to spa treatments, but men’s beauty bookings are gradually becoming more and more common in mainstream society. Now just a few days away, here are some tips and tricks to maximise your Father’s Day treatments and bookings ahead of September 2nd.

Wedding Season
We are just about to get stuck into the busiest time of the year for nuptials, so now would be a great time to prepare for the hectic times ahead. Ensure all of your most popular bridal treatments are in order, including makeup, body contouring and exfoliating treatments, saunas, nails and long-term skincare plans. New bridal clients can become clients for life if nurtured and treated to a wonderful experience during this stressful time of their lives.

Consider creating a bridal marketing plan for the next several months so you can keep on top of any specials, pushing these treatments through your channels and publicising them in a way that brides can really relate to. If you don’t already, you may also want to consider creating some bridal party options, as spa treatments make for an incredibly popular choice of hens celebration.

You can read more about nailing your wedding treatments, plans and marketing in our latest issue of SPA+CLINIC – click here for your digital copy.

Spring Racing
No matter what state you’re in, there will be a string of racing carnivals and events held over the next several months that will be driving plenty of clients into your spa or clinic, particularly for facials, body treatments and tanning. Be sure to tailor marketing and packages accordingly.

With so many special occasions, holidays and events, this period may be a good time to consider any spray tanning packages, and discounted rates for clients who purchase multiple sessions upfront. Also remember to stock up homecare and retail products ahead of the busy season too, including exfoliants; both physical mitts and body scrubs, moisturisers and tan-extending lotions.

Although crucial any time of year, as the weather heats up and more and more skin is exposed, now is a particularly vital time to remind your clients of the importance of sunscreen. Check in with every client during their next appointment, and give your best SPFs pride of place in your retail section.

Public Holidays
As always, prepare your clients and your team for any public holidays, posting any changes in hours on your website and social media. This season will be, depending on your state, Queen’s Birthday or Labour Day. Of course if you’re Melbourne-based, you will have also have Melbourne Cup Day and Grand Final to prepare for too.