Finish Your Treatments In Style

There are countless opportunities to set your spa, salon or clinic apart from the competition in small but powerful ways. These little flairs help you to build your brand, add a special touch, help to build a relationship, and offer a pleasant surprise for clients that will leave them wanting to come back, whether it’s the variety of tea you serve, infusing your water with lemon, providing slippers upon entry, or offering a unique signature style of massage with every treatment. The way in which you end your treatments is one of these special touches, and every spa does it very differently. And some, not at all.

Ending a treatment with no warning can be unpleasant for clients, and disrupt the carefully prepared ambiance and peaceful connection you’ve worked so hard to establish during the treatment. It’s much kinder to ease them out slowly rather than bursting into conversation, particularly if your client has drifted off during your session. So if you want your clients to float from their treatment rooms with a smile on their face, we would suggest ending your treatments in a way that’s more soothing than startling.

Essential Oil Breaths
Place a few drops of essential oils on the palms of your hands, press together and place around 30cm above your client’s nose (or below if they’re facing downward). Request that they take 3 slow, deep breaths in and out. Invigorating oils such as orange, lemon or lemongrass work best to energise sleepy clients.

This is a particularly pleasant method of ending a treatment such as a massage. The choice of bell, Tibetan chimes etc. is completely up to you, and can be tied in with your spa’s style of décor. This creates a clear but soothing signal to your client that the treatment is over. Ring or chime 3 times, increasing the volume with each chime.

Pressure Points
There is barely a soul alive that doesn’t love a good scalp massage. Try ending your treatment with some scalp pressure points, even if it’s as quick and simple as 30 seconds – 1 minute. Apply light pressures to occipital hollows, hairline and temples, ending in small circles on the temples and reducing pressure and speed. Leave fingertips in place for several seconds then lift slowly to end.