Is your Wellbeing in Check?

Not only does your client operate on a busy schedule but so do you!

And while our industry is built on service towards the beauty and health of clients, it’s just as important to take time to look after staff and yourself.

Understanding health is of the utmost importance and that time is precious, Blackmores has developed a 2 minute check that can be done in your lunch break or even in between clients.

The Blackmores Wellbeing Check of 10 key questions, focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, offers a personalised summary and wellbeing score providing participants with a starting point on their journey to wellbeing and holistic health.

Co-founder and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic, Kate Kendall understands the importance of looking after yourself, and recharching, in an industry built on service to others. Her top tips for wellbeing below are both practical and manageable for you and client alike.

Kate Top Three Daily Habits for Overall Wellbeing

Be Still
Find two to three moments in the day (including the very start of it, in the morning) to be completely still and just observe the breath. Stillness is the most under-utilised tool we have for productivity and fulfilment.

Practice Mindful Eating
When you’re eating, eat slowly and savour each mouthful. Not only will you be less likely to over eat but your digestive system will thank you. Be mindful of the types of foods that over stimulate and cause ‘crashes’, (typically caffeine and sugar). Instead, opt for natural sources of energy and vitality such as super foods containung concentrated vitamins and nutrients.

Make Time to Digest Your Day

Wellbeing Check STORY
Kate Kendall is a well being

At the end of your day, take five minutes to sit and reflect. Acknowledge the conversations, actions and hot spots in your day. Give gratitude for the things that were great and — without necessarily wading in them — recognise the areas you could have acted with more integrity or kindness. Processing your day is key to sleeping well and clearing your head.

Take the Blackmores Wellbeing Check, for a personalised summary of your overall health and wellbeing.

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