Nailing Your Father’s Day Treatments

The beauty industry is taking steps towards banishing the taboo around men’s beauty treatments, but a spa voucher is still a gift that would appeal to most as a Mother’s Day present as opposed to one for Father’s Day. So what can we do to change that?

A recent survey conducted by the International Spa Association found that generally men don’t visit spas as often as women for the following reasons:

  • 11% said it’s “too indulgent”
  • 14% said because “none of my friends go”
  • 17% said they were embarrassed to go
  • 19% said “spas are for women”

But there are plenty of spa treatments that can still appeal to this sector of the male market, so how about introducing some limited edition Father’s Day treatments to the menu ahead of September 2nd and encourage some of these gents into your spa or clinic?

Forgo the shaping, buffing and polishing and dedicate your man-pedis to a deep clean, massage and de-stress experience. Shortening and tidying of nails can be followed up with a firm salt scrub, cooling mask, cuticle work and soothing lower leg and foot massage; which can be around double the duration of your standard pedicure massage.

To some men, facials can appear quite a feminine treatment, particularly when they’re described on the menu as a way to achieve ‘glowing skin’ or ‘anti-ageing’, whereas most men generally prefer to want to achieve such things as a ‘deep clean’, ‘scrub’, or ‘invigoration’. Ensure to include extractions, a neck, shoulder and head massage, or even a beard treatment.

Likely the most sought-after spa treatment among male clients, there aren’t too many dads that wouldn’t love a massage for Father’s Day. Deep tissue is often the most popular, along with reflexology and hot stone. Treat particularly stressed out dads with some muscle-soothing extras like heat packs or soothing ointments, like The Base Collective Magnesium Oil or Zen Joint & Muscle Relief.

Convince your more masculine male clients that it’s not all, as some often suspect, pink and floral – appeal to their sense of smell with fragrances and products tailored to a more typically-male palette. Sandalwood, spices, leather, musk, mint, coffee, citrus, and earthy smells are usually male crowd-pleasers.

Promote through your existing female clients
It’s much easier to connect with new male clients through your existing female clientele, who most of the time have fathers, brothers, husbands or sons, so make sure they all know about any special offers or packages. As always, ensure to publicise any specials on your website and social media channels, and that gift vouchers are in a prominent location in your reception area.