5 Things Clients Hate About Your Treatments

No matter how luxurious your spa treatments are, those tiny details can still have a huge impact on how your client feels once their appointment is over, leaving a less-than-perfect impression on them overall. Some of these things are very common, often so small they aren’t commented on, but are things that most clients share a dislike for. Luckily, these common downfalls are often things that can be fixed.

Here are our top 5 most common client pet peeves:

Being Left Oily
It’s not always the case that clients will jump in the car and head straight home after their appointment, so it’s important to remove any oil from their skin before they leave. There are three places in particularly that can be extremely frustrating for clients if left oily – hair, feet and hands. No client wants oily hair if they’re headed to a meeting or social appointment, to be sliding around in their shoes or to be leaving oil on everything they touch. Be sure to thoroughly remove all traces, and if conducting a head massage, ask your client specifically whether they need to avoid oily products around their hair and scalp.

Lack Of Instructions
Since each spa, salon and clinic is so different, even for seasoned spa-goers, you need to provide clients with detailed instructions as to where to leave their belongings, their jewellery, where to leave their clothes or hang their coats, what garments to leave on, where to find disposables and wipes, and how to position themselves. You don’t want your clients to stress over these things when they are, a lot of the time, there to relax. A lack of instruction can also leave your client feeling less-than looked after, as well as appear somewhat unprofessional.

Wrong Temperature
Too hot or too cold can easily make or break an experience for a client. Remember to ask clients if they are comfortable with the temperature both at the beginning and throughout the appointment, as both room and body temperatures can change throughout the treatment. Have extra throws, heated blanket, fan or aircon remote at the ready.

Noise Outside The Treatment Room
This can be frustrating for both practitioners and clients, but for those receiving a treatment (particularly a soothing massage or facial) the worst part is lying there knowing that the interruption is not your therapist’s fault, and is sometimes out of their control. It could be a simple as others having a noisy conversation outside the room, or as large as neighbouring construction.

If faced with disruptive noises mid-treatment, the best course of action is honesty. If it’s a situation you can do something about, ask your client if it is bothering them and offer to take a moment to resolve it. If it is very disruptive and out of your control, like nearby renovations, perhaps give clients a courtesy call ahead of time. If sound from within your team is carrying throughout, bring it up at your next staff meeting.

Being Left Alone
Having your therapist leave the room during an appointment can often be frustrating and even stressful, particularly if a treatment, mask or tint is left on. Clients can’t help but begin to wonder where their therapist has gone, when they will return, what would happen if a reaction occurred at that moment, or similar trains of thought. It doesn’t have to be physically leaving the room either – a practitioner being silent and still during a treatment can be just as disconcerting if their eyes are closed. Your clients should feel safe and comfortable at all times, so avoid leaving the room unless in the event of an emergency. Always offer another treatment option during things like masks or tints, like a scalp or hand and arm massage, to ensure your client feels relaxed and well-looked-after.