Five Ways To Be More Sustainable In Your Spa This Christmas

Spreading the love to your friends, family and the environment.

This year has been a year of change, and as the festive season rolls around, we want to keep that momentum. While it’s lovely to get into the festive season by decorating your spa or clinic, Christmas decorations have a huge environmental impact. That’s why this year we are dreaming of a green Christmas with some more sustainable options to spread Yiletide cheer.

Here are five ways to be more sustainable in your business this Christmas.

1. Promote digital gift cards

Your spa or clinic could be the key to creating a more sustainable Christmas for your clients. Make a conscious choice to only offer digital giftcards. Not only do you have the opportunity to sell them right up until Christmas Eve (did someone say last minute?), but they are also more sustainable as there is no unnecessary plastic or packaging.

BLANC has just released an app, reducing paper waste even further.

2. Different type of tree

Whether you put it up in November or are strictly a December 1st type of person, setting up the Christmas tree kicks off the festive season. However, a real fir tree or one freshly picked from the aisles of Kmart are not the only options, nor are they the most sustainable. A real Christmas tree sent to landfill has a carbon footprint of about 16kg, and an artificial tree produces more than twice the greenhouse gas emissions than that of a real tree. This doesn’t mean you need to be a Grinch when it comes to the Christmas tree. There are plenty of sustainable, space-saving and stylish alternatives. Our favourites are a hanging branch tree or an origami tree made from recycled paper.

3. Get Crafty with tree decorations

Going sustainable does not take the magic away from the celebration. It’s quite the opposite! Creating your own Christmas decorations from natural and recycled materials is an excellent opportunity to get your team together for a DIY night. Pump up the Michael Bublé, pop a bottle of vino and relax with your team while doing some arts and crafts. It can be quite therapeutic. Some ideas could be to dry fruit, make popcorn strings or create your wreaths out of dried flowers. The only limit is your imagination

Via LidenFlowers/ Etsy

4. Avoid all plastic in gift wrapping

If you are giving presents to your staff and VIP clients this Christmas, avoid using new or plastic wrapping at ALL costs. Most of the gift wrapping options on the market contain glitter or plastic which are not recyclable. Instead, wrap your gifts with recycled paper. Plus, we think plain brown paper with natural twine and some sprigs of rosemary is way chicer than Olaf wrapping paper anyways!

Via Burkatron

5. Visit your local op shop for decorations

Your local op shop will no doubt have some hidden gems from bygone decades. Not only are you giving these pieces a second life, but you’re also supporting a local charity that is working to make Christmas a magical time for everyone. The key to op-shopping is patience, and knowing that you might walk away with nothing or pure gold! It’s all part of the fun.

Via CherryShop


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