This New Ion Spa Lets You ‘Breathe In Energy’

Boosting your energy & mood with negative ions.

Switzerland-based wellness construction company SpaCulture have been busy developing the new and innovative concept of ‘Ion Spa’ for the last two years – a completely new wellness application that aims to significantly increase well-being and regeneration during a wellness stay for spa guests.

SpaCulture introduces the IonFog room, an innovative wellness installation that offers a unique experience. This room is filled with a refreshing mist of cold, fine water particles, accompanied by highly negatively charged ions in the air. It serves as an ideal way to rejuvenate and cool down after enjoying a steam bath or sauna, creating a sensation akin to being near a waterfall, allowing you to inhale revitalising life energy. This exceptional wellness experience allows for a retreat for wellbeing.

We caught up with one of the founders of SpaCulture, Thomas Rödler, to learn more about this exciting innovation.

What led to Ion Spa’s discovery?

The idea came to us while visiting the highest waterfalls in Europe. We stood in the water mist of the waterfall and afterwards felt positively intoxicated, full of energy. we did some research and were amazed at the scientific explanations. Negative ions in the air, at a rate of 70,000 ions per cc. After studying the scientific findings and studies of what it is all about and its very positive properties on the human organism, we developed Ion-Spa, unique and a world first.

What is ionised air?

Ionised air means that air is enriched with negatively charged ions. So-called anions are formed. In nature, far away from human influence, this happens in the natural cycle. The UV radiation from the sun, thunderstorms, rain, water atomisation (e.g. near waterfalls or on coasts) and many other natural factors carry out the process of natural ionisation and ensure a high density of anions in the air. The places that we perceive as particularly “fresh” have high anion concentrations of at least 5,000 anions/cm³.

In such places as mountains, near the sea and in forests, we intuitively like to be and feel comfortable. In the vicinity of waterfalls, this value can rise to over 70,000 anions/cm³. The “freshness” felt there can be described more precisely: free of odours, germs, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens such as nanoparticles (e.g. fine dust). In this context, natural ionisation has the ability to rid the air of all kinds of particles, i.e. to clean it. But targeted ionisation also has an impact on the human organism.

Ion-Spa produces between 60,000 and 70,000 negative ions that are released into the air, which can be inhaled or penetrate through the skin. Since negative ions have a short shelf life, our system uses a highly technical process to constantly produce new negative ions and add them to the air inside the cabin.

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