WiQo Is Bringing The Italian Art Of Beauty To Aussie Shores

WiQo may be soon to come to Australian shores, but the cosmeceutical brand has a rich heritage boasting decades of innovation.

It’s not uncommon for a brand’s country of origin to play a significant role in its identity. But WiQo goes one step further taking cues from the beauty and mastery of Italian art. Its philosophy is deeply rooted in the combination of science with creativity and attention to detail.

WiQo was born from the research, passion and experience of dermatologist, Dr. Rossana Castellana. With laboratories in Trieste, Italy, WiQo boasts a highly qualified team in the technical and scientific field. Its deep-rooted culture of innovation guarantees effective, high quality cosmeceutical products.

Believing no single technique solves all patient problems, WiQo approaches skin health and rejuvenation from multiple angles. This combination of treatments and advanced at-home regimes delivers a holistic experience that promises big results.

It begins with the WiQo ONE Lifting and Brightening Program


An innovation in ‘needle-free’ bio-revitalisation, the lifting and brightening program stimulates the skin’s regenerative process for a visibly firmer and smoother complexion. Optimal results are seen in just 3-5 sessions. The three step approach is an advancement on your average rejuvenation treatment. This non-aggressive approach uses the skins own regenerative process to treat photodamaged, wrinkled, lax and dull skin with little discomfort and downtime. 

WiQo ONE is also an ideal primer for other aesthetic medicine treatment. It can be used in combination with procedures such as mesotherapy, fillers, threads, physical stimulation devices, and PRP to act in synergy, and enhance the results of the treatment. It’s also safe to use in combination with a course of treatments that allow you to customise the concerns you’re targeting.

Before and after a series of the WiQo ONE Lifting Program

WiQo Cosmeceuticals are designed to complement in-clinic care

The WiQo cosmeceuticals range was developed by leading dermatologists so clients can prolong the results from their WiQo ONE program at-home. The range is all about maintenance focusing on three key skin needs; protection, prevention and stimulation.

First is the necessity to protect the skin from damage caused by UV radiation, weather, drying and air pollution. Then, the prevention phase works by supplying nutrients which restore and maintain the hydrolipidic film. And the third necessity for the skin is to be stimulated to regenerate and keep its trophism, preventing epidermal atrophy that results in the development of deeper wrinkles.

WiQo combines the science of beauty and art

It’s impossible to put your finger on a single aspect of the WiQo range that delivers on its artistic Italian philosophies. From the in-clinic protocols to at-home care, application techniques, high-quality ingredients, and of course, the sleek packaging. They truly embody a holistic approach finding the beauty in science and art and the concept that every human being is a unique artwork.

Stayed tuned for more information about the launch of WiQo in Australia by visiting their website.


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