Semi-Precious Energy Healing

Sydney-based corporate clairvoyant Scarlett Vespa says semi-precious stones can be used as “allies” to help shift your energy into a more positive place.

Although this concept may sound new age, they have been harnessed in healing rituals for thousands of years, in many cultures.

From then till now, aficionados mostly attribute physical and emotional illness to disordered or blocked energy in the body. They use crystals as tools to nourish, rebalance and unblock this flow.

“Like humans, gems are made up of vibrations and different stones have unique properties,” says Scarlett. “Whether you hold one in your hand, wear one around your neck or use them as oracles, they work to awaken energy.”

She shares her method for using crystals to ignite a positive energetic shift in yourself – and your business dealings with SPA+CLINIC:

1. Rediscover your driving force

To understand the ‘how’, you must start with the ‘who’ – first you need to consider (then write down) your values and beliefs.

These drive everything in a person – from relationships, career, friendships and lifestyle choices.

If you understand as much as you can about yourself, you’ll begin to understand your intentions and goals. Ask yourself:

  • What gets you up in the morning?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Why do you do what you do?
Citrine quartz

Use Citrine quartz: holding or wearing it supports self-discovery as it promotes empowerment and clarity.

White howlite

Or…White Howlite: holding or wearing it facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.

2. Embrace all of you

When you look at yourself, you shine a light on yourself which is a healthy way to stand in your power. Just the nature of taking the idea of yourself and articulating it can stir a shift of energy inside.

Resistance and repression of that truth creates a dull depressive type of feeling and that is why examination of all aspects of yourself (including the parts you don’t like) is the answer to creating a positive shift.

Accepting the parts of yourself that you don’t like is the next step to shifting your perspective.

Ignoring them may temporarily exempt you from responsibility, but this can be disempowering. Avoiding can also encourage us to be triggered by others who have a similar issue.

Once you begin to understand them and get comfortable with them, you’ll have greater clarity on your driving force.

Obsidian aqua blue

Use Obsidian Aqua Blue: to encourage communication, symbolic thinking, creativity and truth.

3. Be in the moment

Being in the ‘now’ gives us the power to be pro-active and not reactive. It gives us the ability to embrace responsibilities, to empower ourselves, to stop blaming others and look to our own ability to feel freedom and joy.

Living consciously ‘in the moment’ encourages gratitude which connects us to others and empowers our intention for a meaningful life.

To start being in the now make just one small change. When you are connected to all of you, any change, especially small can impact every part of you – and help shift the tides of your circumstances.

  • It can be as simple as saying thank you to your loved one every day.
  • Walking for 20 mins every day.
  • Letting go of one toxic friendship.
  • Writing down 10 things you are grateful for every morning.
  • Choosing to not react when someone criticises you.
Rose quartz

Use rose quartz: because it is wonderful in calming your heart, and bringing out gratitude and joy.

Tibetan quartz

Or… Tibetan quartz: as it will amplify and intensify your transformation – releasing any self-limitations to allow for your shift to success.

Sydney clairvoyant and crystal healer, Scarlett Vespa, only uses ethically sourced crystals. She ‘cleanses’ them in moonlight, sea salt, water and sun. You can book in for a personal energetic healing session, aka a ‘V SHIFT’ with Scarlett, to help you move forward by shedding light on what’s holding you back and why. Her unique method involves symbology, crystal cards, personal branding. 

[image credit: Scarlett Vespa – crystals available via MRSVLOVES.COM]

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