Energy Release

Archangel Aromatherapy No.1 Clear & Protect: Archangel Michael

Including 15 unique angelic aromas for massage, perfume oil and diffuser, Archangel Aromatherapy’s range of organic prescriptions, lovingly created by Rachael White, offer clients a unique experience of body, mind and soul.

The powerful, organic high vibrational perfume oils, mists and concentrates not only smell divine but penetrate human cells and access the deep recesses of the brain to heal emotionally – raising vibration and frequency so as to project positive energy.

The No. 1 Clear & Protect: Archangel Michael creates a high vibrational energy within and a loving space around:

  • Rachael White STORYClears negative energy from your mind, body, spirit, souls & space.
  • Used for spiritual protection, calling in your life purpose and support to be fearless.
  • Divine angelic aroma is uplifting with a combination of Rose, Lavender and Bergamot.
  • Absorbs beautifully into the skin to nourish and heal.

Use: Perfume Body Oil, Massage, Signature Healing Ritual, Space Clearing

The Archangel Aromatherapy range consists of 100% Pure & Organic Natural Perfume Body Oils which come in 30ml & 200ml for retail and a Professional Spa Range for the Archangel Signature Healing Ritual and Space clearing for Spa’s & Wellness practitioners.


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