Treat Your Lips To A Rolls!

Has that toothbrush reserved for exfoliating dry lips finally flaked out? Why not pamper your pout with the ‘Rolls Royce’ of treatments instead? It starts with a Face Roller…


“Everyone should own a face roller for the whole face, but it’s particularly useful for treating damaged lips,” explains Natasha Laouta, Dermal Clinician at the Bryan Mendelson Skin & Injection Clinic. “It puts micro channel holes on the skin’s surface so when you roll over a product, it can be infused 40% deeper into the cells.”

The Environ Cosmetic Roll-Cit is a perfect choice for lip rolling (AKA needling). Made with premium quality materials, it’s gentle enough to be used on areas such as lips and the eye socket.

Regular chapsticks are on the outs, too. Performing the latest Lip Services calls for cosmeceutical ingredients–Namely Peptides and Growth Factors. These reduce fine lines and plump the skin, but to ‘seal the deal’ a product containing protective, emollient ingredients such as Shea Butter is also essential.

Whether you’re budget conscious, or a super spender, if you’re treating yourself, or a client, it’s time kiss those winter flakes goodbye, and service your lips in style!


1. Gold Service: Slightly Chapped Lips But Time Poor?


“If you had to choose a single lip product for winter, I would suggest the PCA Peptide Lip Therapy. It will nourish and protect. However, if you have extremely dry lips, this product alone won’t cut it,” explains Natasha. While it doesn’t contain Growth Factors, the PCA potion is a true multi-tasker, brimming with Peptides and hydrators. Portualaca Pilsoa Peptide plumps lip density, while Shea Butter is a soothing moisturiser .

AM:  Apply a coat of the PCA Peptide Lip Therapy, as you would a normal lip gloss, and roll out of the door!

PM: Apply a thin layer of the same product, then spend 30 seconds using the Face Roller on lips, making sure to move it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Those power Peptides will work as you sleep!


2. Platinum Member: Cracked Lips Driving You Crazy?


The TNS Lip Plump System by SkinMedica is a two step system, conveniently packaged into two tubes.  The first step is Lip Renewal. It contains PAL-GHK, a skin smoothing Peptide, plus Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media, a Growth Factor proven to improve fine lines. Loaded with Essential Fatty Acids, the second step, Lip Plumper, is perfect bust out of your bag anytime you need a burst of moisture.“It’s also a beautiful lipgloss and brings out the natural colour in your lips,” says Natasha: “You can incorporate it under or over a lipstick.”

AM: Before makeup, apply a layer of TNS Lip Plump System Step 1 Lip Renewal. Then, over the top apply a coat of Step 2 Lip Plumper. Move the face roller over lips for 30 seconds. Reapply TNS Step 2 Lip Plumper throughout the day as desired.

PM: On cleansed skin, apply Step 1 Lip Renewal. Move the Face Roller over it (horrizontally, vertically and diagonally) for 30 seconds. Leave overnight.


3. The Rolls Royce: Severely Sore Lips With Time Up Your Sleeve?


‘The Rolls Royce’ of  Lip Services takes TLC and dedication, but it’s the most effective in repairing damaged lips. “For extreme cases I would recommend targeted concentrations of all key ingredients; Peptides, Growth Factors and protectors.” Natasha explains. Packed with 5 anti-ageing Peptides, The Environ Avance DPS 312 is designed to boost collagen all over the face, and is gentle enough to be used on the lips.

AM: On cleansed skin, apply a thin layer of the Environ Avance DPS 312. Using the face roller, needle for 3o seconds so or until completely penetrated. Then apply a coat of TNS Step 1 Lip Renewal growth factors and needle for 30 seconds. Use TNS Step 2 Lip Plumper throughout the day whenever a boost of hydration is needed.

PM: After taking off make up, apply a generous coat of PCA Lip Therapy and needle with the face roller for 60 seconds.


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