5 Things To Do On Global Wellness Day!

Happy Global Wellness Day!

The GWD mantra: “One day can change your whole life.”

Now, Australian readers, the long weekend is the perfect excuse to enjoy not just one, but three ‘well spent’ days!

That’s plenty of time to reboot your system, improve your physical/emotional/spiritual health, and even make a positive contribution to the planet. (Just don’t forget to allow some time for totally taking it easy, and forgive yourself if you spend an entire day catching up on sleep, or episodes of Masterchef…)


1. Detox Digitally!

30% of people surveyed for the Digital Australia: State of the Nation report said they were addicted to their smart phone or tablet but it negatively affected their sleep or stress levels. With Global Wellness Day as an excuse, why not unplug your laptop today, and plug into some bonding time with your friends or family? Turn off that phone, (even if it’s just on the public holiday), and tune into nature, instead.


2. Mole It Over!

Simple checks like mole inspections can fall under the radar in our hectic lives, but time is of the essence–almost 100% of melanomas are treatable if detected early. Bite the bullet this weekend! Have that mole checked, book a mammogram, and don’t delay if you’re due for a pap smear. Ticking these vital checks off your to-do list will give you peace mind, and you can remind your loved ones to do the same while you’re at it.


3. Go Green!

Being mindful of other people and the planet can be fun, too. There are lots of ways you can make a difference, without even leaving the house! Why not planting a veggie patch? You could try growing all the ingredients that go into your favourite green smoothie. Recycling clothing is also environmentally friendly, so you could give your wardrobe a good clean out, and donate the proceeds to a local assistance centre.


4. Do The Write Thing!

Love the idea of mindfulness but haven’t mastered meditation? There is lots of evidence that writing has a positive impact on your mental health. For best results, it should be done regularly–daily, if possible. Expressive writing is linked to improved mood, wellbeing and reduced stress levels. Don’t think about it too much, just sit down and start a journal. Your first entry could be about what wellness personally means to you.


5. Listen Up!

When was the last time you lost yourself in a book? Actually, let’s face it…when was the last time you read something completely outside of social media? While schools of philosophers believe we make sense of the world through stories, It’s easy to forgo fiction when super busy, especially if reading cuts in on your designated exercise time. Why not walk while someone reads you a story? Try Audiobooks for an escape so great, you’ll want to be power-walking 24/7!

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