Inside Sol Spa’s Unique Signature Treatment

Tucked away beside Mark Moran Vaucluse; Sydney’s most luxurious multi-million dollar aged care facility, you will find Sol Spa, one of the most indulgent, elevated and unique spa escapes the city has to offer.

Guests can opt for a leisurely stroll around the surrounding gardens, complete with twittering birdhouse, before entering the spa to find a lush oasis of ancient relics, leafy plants, an abundance of blush velvet, and lavish fur throws – making up the jaw-dropping space designed by Evette Moran Interiors. Organic herbal tea is given on arrival to the relaxation lounge, and spa guests are shown to a private dressing room to change into plush robes and slippers.

Sol Spa’s treatment menu includes classic spa options such as massage, facials (using Guinot products), body treatments and scrubs, with many infused with a holistic feel. Traditional and Ayurvedic therapies to heal the body and mind clearly influence the extensive range of offerings, including Chi Nei Tsang; a Chinese healing touch therapy focusing on abdominal massage, and Marma Abhyanga; a purifying and invigorating Ayurvedic massage combining traditional Ayurvedic techniques and acupressure of Marma points (specific energy centres) to promote healing, eliminate toxins and release physical and emotional blockages.

One of the spa’s most remarkable signature offerings is the Shirodhara treatment. An ancient healing system, Shirodhara has long been a significant therapy in Ayurveda. Literally translated, “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” means flow. Once the client has removed their robe and is tucked comfortably into fluffy towels and heated bed, the treatment begins – using an impressive brass contraption, a steady stream of warm oil is gently poured on the third eye, centre of the forehead, just between the eyebrows. This calming process saturates the head with warm oil, soothing peripheral nerves around the scalp and brain aiding in deep relaxation. The treatment is said to have a tremendous healing effect especially on the nervous system, releases locked energies, and clears and calms the mind.

The oil flow is carefully controlled by the spa therapist to ensure none carries forward onto the face, spilling only backwards throughout the client’s hair and scalp and caught below the bed – which is protected by plastic to avoid any mess. The beautifully fragranced oil is heated to a pleasant temperature, tested with the client before commencement, and remains so throughout the treatment, with a blissful Indian head massage carried out towards the end. Once the Shirodhara has concluded, clients can enjoy a long, seated-style shower (using Mukti bath & body products) to remove residual oil.

After treatments are over, guests are once again welcomed back into the relaxation lounge. The lounge is set adjacent to Sol Spa’s Zen Garden, where guests can unwind in a tranquil setting of lush greenery and enjoy Sol Spa’s unique Bento Box (available with certain spa packages) designed by The Botanica Vaucluse’s Executive Chef, Perry Hill. The Bento Boxes come full of fresh, organic, paddock to plate ingredients that change with the seasons, and some of which come directly from the kitchen garden at The Botanica Vaucluse – next door’s restaurant. Think pickled globe artichoke and chickpea fritters, buffalo mozzarella with snow peas, capers and lemon, crisp fried Red Gate Farm quail with kale and sunflower seeds, and roast heirloom carrots with hummus, blood lime, macadamia nuts and feta.

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