The New Beauty Supplements To Stock Your Shelves With

The reign of ingestible beauty continues and your clinic shelves should not be without it.

We’ve seen the popularity of beauty supplements focused on improving skin health from the inside out soar in recent years. And, their popularity is not set to slow down anytime soon. With so many new products launching all the time, we thought we’d round up some of the hottest new picks to help you diversify your retail offering.

By Beth The Original Unflavoured Bovine Collagen

Made from a single ingredient to enhance radiance, return luminosity to the complexion and support hydration, By Beth Unflavoured Bovine Collagen is a versatile daily powder. It comes in a beautiful glass vessel with refill sachets availble to reduce waste while delivering bovine collagen to strengthen hair, skin and nails. It’s ethically sourced, free from additives and an Australian owned brand.

Vida Glow Radiance

Vida Glow’s newest innovation, Radiance, is a once-daily capsule to target dull and uneven skin. Through cutting-edge science, it operates on a cellular level, addressing visible imperfections including dark spots, dark circles underneath the eye and overall skin luminosity. The ground-breaking formula, transformed by its primary active, SkinAx2Ô, is infused with a unique blend of brightening antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and carotenoids. 

WelleCo The Super Skin Elixir

If supermodel Elle Macpherson swears by it, then we do, too. From her own brand, WelleCo, The Super Skin Elixir is a daily supplement formulated to bring radiance to your complexion. It’s a powerful blend of natural greens and skin-supporting ingredients in a convenient, bioavailable capsule that supports collagen formation, skin healing and regeneration.

Pearl by Par Olive Pearl Marine Collagen Superfood

The Pearl Marine Collagen is a potent blend of sustainably sourced wild-caught Norwegian marine collagen, freshwater pearl powder, organic native Australian Kakadu plum and acacia fibre. Together they work to restore and support collagen production and act as a defence against accelerated ageing while strengthen your hair, skin and nails. It comes in a natural flavour option or enhanced with organic coconut milk giving a creamier, coffee friendly option.

Aéde Power Activist

The perfect support for clients undergoing hair or scalp restoration procedures, Power Activist is an all-natural, vegan supplement designed to improve hair health, growth and thickness. The Australian-made supplement targets multiple factors that contribute to hair loss, like stress, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances thanks to ingredients like Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Selenium, Silica and Vitamin B5.

Ora Adaptogen Tonic+

Looking for some stress relief and adrenal support? The Adaptogen Tonic+ capsule from beautiful new brand Ora offers a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs traditionally used in Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine to help your body deal with stress and Affron, a clinically-trialled Saffron extract to help reduce the symptoms of mild anxiety.

Cilk Beauty Daily Radiance Collagen Powder

Designed with superior bioavailability in mind, Cilk Beauty’s new Daily Radiance Powder contains marine collagen sourced exclusively from certified-sustainable, wild-caught deep-sea cod fish from arctic and North Atlantic waters. It’s enhanced with food grade enzymes to create short chain peptides, enabling 1.5 times more absorption by the body to restore collagen production, minimise the appearance of fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

Rochway Gut Restore Collagen Complex

Rochway Gut Restore Collagen Complex powder is a combination support for beauty, digestion and anti-inflammation. Promoting beneficial intestinal flora, this powerful digestive tonic helps reduce and control harmful bacteria in the gut and supports healthy digestive system function. It combines collagen, herbal extracts, postbiotics and probiotics to provide beauty, digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits in one powder formula.


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