Best-Tressed Show In Town


We’ll let the photos do most of the talking about the resounding success of Hair Expo Australia 2014, held 7 – 9 June at the Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island, including the elbow-to-elbow crowds; the wild and wonderful theatre of cuts, colours and characters; packed-to-the-rafters training workshops for professionals across the spectrum; demonstrations; and fabulous shows.


Whispers that access to the temporary new Exhibition Centre at Sydney’s Glebe Island (during building of the new iteration of the Exhibition and Convention Centre at Darling Harbour) might impact on numbers proved a furphy: regular free ferries to and from Darling Harbour were a popular transport choice – a nice little cruise on a largely sunny long weekend – as were buses ferrying folk between Glebe Island and the convenient transport hub of Central Station.


Behind the scenes at Saturday night’s festivities

The light, bright, marquee-like venue itself was a big hit, with many commenting what a welcome change it made from the cavernous, dingy white elephant at Darling Harbour (now a pile of rubble).


La Biosthetique Equipe Artistique presented the Artists’ Collection on Saturday

What particularly struck Team Spa Australasia about this expo was the strong trend toward taking hair back to its roots, as it were.There were a plethora of new products and treatments designed to address scalp conditions that impact on hair health; treat hair loss; and pump up volume of limp, fine or thinning locks. If you’ll pardon the pun, this is the big new growth industry (as you can also read in the latest issue of Spa Australasia magazine).

These exhibitors particularly intrigued us:


Mondo’s Joe Zucchiatti in action (left), the CasualCurl (centre) and Brad Ngata showing how it’s done (right)

CasualCurl. Distributed in Australia by Mondo Beauty (also distributor of Suigo hair products), this nifty little gadget will revolutionise salon blow-drying and help your clients maintain salon-worthy results between visits. There was a line of hair professionals eager to have CasualCurl demonstrated on themselves by Mondo Beauty’s Joe Zucchiatti. Endorsed by multi-award winning hair stylist and Australian hairdresser of the year Brad Ngata (who was conducting demos too), CasualCurl is set to become the next essential tool for salon and mobile stylers.

Joe Zucchiatti happened on the product during a visit to Hong Kong and knew a winner when he saw one. It’s an innovative styling brush that fits on the end of any blow dryer. It curls around the hair and is then heated from the inside by that blow dryer. The internal heat ensures the hair isn’t damaged and the curl is created cleanly without any frizz. The product is conveniently portable (it can be fit onto any blow dryer) and with its easy-to-use features and time-efficiency, it will enable you to turn a client’s hair from straight to casual-curly in minutes. It’s also perfect for creating ‘the Kate look’.

FSP Follicle Stimulation Program by Trichovedic (Australian Innovation Patent No. 2011100393 – Trichovedic FSP). Over the past six months, an independent, medically-supervised trial to determine the efficiency of the program was conducted at The Knudsen Hair Transplantation Clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay by world-renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr Russell Knudsen. 

Preliminary results have proved to be extremely positive with the key findings in treating senescent hair loss (general thinning as people age) concluding:

  • 67 percent of participants demonstrated a reduction or cessation of thinning
  • 42 percent demonstrated an increase in hair volume
  • Increases in hair volume ranged between 5.5-11 per cent.

The range comprises an intensive serum, interim booster and hair and scalp shampoo and rinse.


Snob Girls. Marco Terzini and his wife and business partner Ilona Gold have run a successful hair salon, Spada, in Prahran, Melbourne, for seven years and are now technical respresentatives of this eco- and vegan-friendly haircare brand. It features eight cleansers, rebalancing creams and leave-in serums forumulated to address specific hair and scalp concerns. The brand launched in Australia last year with its range of serums. Packaged in neat capsules on pop-out cards, there are serums to address a variety of hair and scalp issues, including reversing the signs of hair ageing; promoting body, volume and style retention; intensive scalp nutrition and balance; repairing split ends; and styling aids.

BioThik. Fibres made from keratin are shaken onto thinning hair, patted into place, sprayed with a locking mist – et voila! Instantly thicker-looking hair. BioThik claims to create the appearance of a 250 percent increase in hair density – and the results look remakably natural. The fibres come in Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blond, Medium Blond, Light Blond, Wheat Blond, Auburn, Grey and White. They can also conceal greys and regrowth.

Dushi. Also fibres, these are made from plants and are safe even for the most sensitive scalps. The product instantly eliminates the appearance of bald spots or thinning hair and claim to last all day and night; through wind, rain or sweat; and won’t smear or stain clothng. Dushi comes in shades Black, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown, Grey, Light Blonde and light brown.

And let’s not forget eyebrows are hair, too! They also thin with age or because of over-plucking. Or perhaps nature didn’t gift them. Well-shaped, lush eyebrows can make a face look years younger and more attractive. Dushi Brow Enhancer, made of natural Moroccan fibres, comes in six shades. It boasts of creating natural-looking brows with instant results, is easy to apply and remove and ideal for shaping and defining lacklustre brows.

Our observations are echoed by sister publication INSTYLE, the bible of Australia’s hair industry.


‘This year hair pieces and wefts were used everywhere to add volume and colour – a trend we will continue to see for consumers as well,’ says editor Cameron Pine.

‘In terms of other key trends, there has been a huge surge in hair thickening products and scalp treatments. Just about every company has a new range for each. It’s consumers’ biggest concern and also links to the massive surge in hair extensions, wefts and hair pieces. Products that add casual curls for a more relaxed volume look are still prevalent.’

All pretty hair-raising stuff. Until next year!


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