Mosaic Minerals Best in Show

Mineral makeup for spray tanners

I caught up with the gang from Techno Tan at Salon Melbourne as I was eager to find out more about their new line of products for spray tanners.

They have identified a demand for a mineral cosmetic range that could be used both to compliment a spray on tan as well as for regular every day wear.

Mosaic Minerals are made in Australia and the brand is 100 per cent Australian owned and operated.

The products are derived from natural and organic ingredients; containing vitamin E and vitamin C found in Kakadu plum extract, as well as jojoba esters and phystosqualane for their anti-ageing properties. 

‘No artificial fragrances

‘No PEGs, parabens, SLS or Propylene Glycol

‘No Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride

Mosaic Minerals Colour Palette

The colour palette caters to a diverse range of skin tones, with ten shades of foundation and four bronzers. Just like a mosaic, they have combined a variety of natural ingredients to create a masterpiece. 

Mineral Foundation

A lightweight formula that conceals and covers and can be built up to provide extra coverage and durability. Apply it on its own, over a liquid foundation or blended with other colours to achieve a flawless look.

Mineral Bronzer

Add a sun-kissed glow to your look with Mosaic Minerals Bronzer. Use it on cheeks as a blush, or apply to the whole face to enhance the colour of your spray on tan. The lightweight formula means you can build it up to create a darker colour and increase coverage.

Contact + 61 8 9412 3040

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