MicroCAMERA Diagnostic Best In Show

MicroCAMERA Diagnostic is an exclusive optical system for the hair and beauty industry that assists spas and salons to promote their services and products.

This new system is the most advanced optical computer made up of 14 optical lenses which measures hair and skin types and conditions. With just one click the visual analysis of the hair and skin allows therapists to accurately diagnose the best treatments and products for their client.

  • Drastically increase the sale of key product lines and treatments 
  • Raise your spa or salons professionalism to a new level
  • Track your client’s progress enticing them to return
  • Build trust between the specialist and the client 
  • Increase your staffs skill set 

MicroCAMERA will separate your spa or salon from the competition giving your spa that exclusive service.  

There is no better way to bring success to your business. 

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