How to Inspire Motivation

Motivation is that wonderful energy, drive, and excitement that employees expend when they are inspired to contribute. Motivation is tapped with goals, clear expectations, recognition, feedback, and encouraging management. Motivation flourishes in a positive employee and customer focused work culture like the spa or salon.

Tap into the ideas below to help foster motivation in your spa, salon or head office.

Your work environment has a serious impact on motivation. All aspects of your spa culture influence and define the motivation at work. No matter what climate and work culture you provide to support motivation, you can, within the perimeters of your areas of responsibility, and even beyond, if you choose to extend your reach, create an environment that fosters and calls forth motivation. 

What People Want From Work: Motivation

Motivation is different for each of your employees. Every therapist has a different motivation for why they work. The reasons for working are as individual as the person. But, we all work because we obtain something that we need from work. The something that we need that we obtain from work has an impact on our morale and motivation. Work motivation affects the quality of our lives. For many employees, work is about the money. With money in hand, employees look for motivation elsewhere.

Goals and Motivation

How can you help a therapist find motivation at work? You can create a work environment that provides the greatest possibility for employees to choose motivation. A motivating work environment provides clear direction so that employees know what is expected of them. Hand-in-hand with clear direction, for motivation, employees have goals that fit within the strategic framework. Employees know what to do and where they fit.

Use Training and Development for Motivation

Want to keep your staff motivated about learning and work? The quality and the variety of the training options that you supply for your therapists are key for motivation. You can provide training including new therapist onboarding, management development, and new concepts for a work group and team building. They all add to the work environment that supports motivation.

Set Them Free: Two Musts for Motivation

Every employee is motivated. The challenge in the work environment is to create a culture in which people are motivated about their work. Too often, we fail to pay attention to the issues that are most important to employees: relationships, communication, recognition, and involvement. The first step in creating an environment that employees find motivating is to stop taking actions that are guaranteed to destroy motivation. Motivation is a balancing act. Employers walk a fine line between meeting the needs of the spa and its clients and meeting the needs of its employees – Spas and salons that do both well – thrive.

Foster Success for People: Two More Musts for Motivation

Tired of hearing that people are your most important resource? That’s fair. These buzz words have been overused and abused. Employees have heard them so often, in work situations in which actions denigrate their meaning that they have grown cynical. To battle the cynicism, I propose: People are your only resource. If you get this truth, you will create a work environment that fosters motivation and high self-esteem. Your employees will seek growth and development. To reinforce this, you will recognise them for their contributions. Love them and help them grow or lose them to an employer who will.

Promote Your Personal Growth and Motivation

No matter how positive your work environment is, you have the starring role in promoting your personal growth and motivation. You can promote your own personal growth, motivation and career development to overcome boredom, inertia, and staleness. Here are ideas and tools that will help you explore personal growth, set new goals, choose motivation and get your life and work back on a course that excites, motivates and fills your life with joy.

Celebrate Holidays and Create Traditions for Motivation and Team Building

Traditions are as important in organisations as they are in families. Nothing is more important for employee motivation than the annual traditions workplaces create for seasonal holidays. A holiday celebration builds positive morale which results in increased motivation. High morale and motivation contribute to team building and productivity. 

Tap Into Employee Discretionary Energy

Employees choose how much discretionary energy to exert for their employers in the workplace. Discretionary energy is the extra drive that an employee exerts in service to coworkers and clients. It is a symptom of motivation; only motivated employees contribute their discretionary energy at work. The work environment that encourages employee discretionary energy contribution and motivation emphasizes these factors.

What Contributes to or Destroys Motivation at Work?

Every person is motivated. Whether motivation comes from people and activities you love such as your spouse, children, hobbies, cooking, philanthropy, or work, you experience motivation. Employee motivation at work is situational. Motivation depends upon the needs and wants that are intrinsic to the employee and the employee’s expectations and needs from work. The interaction of the employee’s needs and wants with your spas values, employment practices, expectations of the employee, quality of leadership and supervision, and more, influences and creates motivation in your workplace – or not.

By Susan Heathfield A Human Resources expert, Susan is a management and organisation development consultant who specialises in human resources issues and in management development to create forward thinking workplaces. Susan is also a professional facilitator, speaker, trainer, and writer.

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