The Perfect Foundation


A primer that goes under your foundation for a smoother, more flawless looking finish, Sorm Fresh Start Primers ar available in two options, Anti-Ageing and Oil Free.

Think about when you colour hair and you pull the colour through to the ends, sometimes due to the porosity of the hair the ends grab and look darker or ashier.

How do we correct this? It’s simple – we shampoo the hair or coat the hair with a PH balancer to help even out the porosity of the hair.

This is what a primer does for your skin and what makes it an important step in makeup application – it prepares the skin for a silky smooth finish.

Fresh Start – Oil Free: Contains aloe, chamomile, melon peptides, and oil-blotting botanicals. Minimises pores, soothes redness and irritation, and helps control oil.

Fresh Start – Anti-Aging: contains dimethicone, a plant based silicon, and dermaxyl a peptide that creates a soft cushion to help fill in the lines. Dermaxyhas shown to decrease the depth of the appearance of wrinkles by up to 30 percent.

Apply a small amount to face after cleansing and moisturising and allow to penetrate before applying Mineral Illusions Liquid or Sorm BB Cream.


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