Eye-Opening Business Opportunities


Brows have been at the forefront of beauty trends and a major obsession for consumers in Australia and internationally for the past three years.

Market research firm PND Group found that, in the US alone, sales of eyebrow makeup at department and specialty stores are up more than 31 percent since 2010.

There’s the over-plucked, the unkempt, the barely-there, the pencilled, the uneven and the clueless; but there are very few clients who know exactly what to do with their eyebrows to flatter their face and complement their look.

It’s become ever-more obvious that eyebrow-related services and products are big business and enormous opportunities for salon, spa and clinic business growth.

In Australia, brow bars are popping up across shopping centres and major department stores, capitalising on this increaing consumer spen.

These businesses are taking spa and clinic market share and limiting your revenue potential! The clients who come to you for a whole range of other treatments are visiting these brow destinations. If you ask them whether they have visited a brow bar, it’s highly likely the answer is ‘yes’, ot they have been thinking about it or, at the very least they are aware of these offerings.

This is an opportunity to bring brow-related spending back to you. The business potential of brows highly factored into BLC’s* decision to bring a leaing wax brand from Europe, Cirepil by Perron Rigot, into Australia in February.

As well as being a wax range that is a spa-quality addition to the Australian waxing industry, Perron Rigot boasts the Brow System – a trend-setting, high ROI concept that will bring brow waxing and design services lucrativelt back to the salon, spa and clinic.

As a concept, Brow System ticks all the boxes for a successful professional service – in-spa expertise and education as well as profitable home care retail.

These kinds of service-plus retail offerings allow businesses to develop a supplemental profit centre as well as upgrade their menu by offering professionally-designed eyebrows to their client base.

The demand is increasing, as is the opportunity for your salon, spa or clinic to provide this high profit-margin service.

* Fiona Coles is an expert in marketing for B2B and B2C and the marketing and communications manager for BLC cosmetics. 


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