Why Your Mission Statement Might Correlate With Your Success

Do you know what you stand for AND how to convey it well?

According to HRM, the news platform of the Australian HR Institute, the words you use in a mission statement are much more than just a sentence or two on your website, and can affect whether or not your company will make ethical decisions – that’s just how much power your business’ mission statement wields.

Not only should your mission statement accurately reflect the reality of your brand and summarise who you are and what you’re about, but HRM has just released the details of some research suggesting the phrasing of mission statements could correlate with both financial performance and the likelihood of your organisation making unethical decisions. After all, our industry is all about connection, integrity, creating moments and telling stories, so it may just pay to get it right. Here’s how:

No ‘rush’ words or decisions
Avoid using words that imply a sense of rush, or ‘act now think later’ – such as ‘speed’, ‘dare’ and ‘momentum’, which could, according to HRM, lead to unethical behaviour later down the track. ‘More cautious and considered words, ie. ‘assessment terms’ – words such as ‘assess’, ‘ponder’, ‘review’ and ‘consider’ are recommended instead. Academics from Old Dominion University in Virginia also recommend incorporating ‘making non-routine decisions’ into your mission statement, making it a priority (and making it publicly known) that your staff should be creative with their problem-solving.

Incorporate your team
If you’ve selected your team wisely, they should be your best advocates of your brand and already understand your mission. So if you’re refreshing or reformulating your mission statement, get your team involved. Some people are simply better at articulating their words and thoughts than others, so two (or more!) heads are always better than one.

Use a list to create sentences
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with single words, one at a time. Create a running list, get your team to throw out words that resonate with who you are as a brand, what you offer your clients, what feelings your physical surroundings evoke, or what you want clients to feel when they enter, how you see yourself and how you want to be seen externally. Once you have a large list it will be much easier to compose full sentences from them.

Want to see an example of a great mission statement? We love what Crown Spa in Melbourne have written:

“We are deeply committed to providing you with the utmost in personalised attention whilst you are in our care. It is our belief that time is the very essence of luxury. Therefore, we are dedicated to working closely with you to understand your unique needs and to make your time with us truly memorable. Our endeavour is that your journey at Crown Spa will leave you feeling deeply contented, renewed, and completely nourished in body, mind and spirit.”

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