Happy Anniversary!


2015 marks the fifth anniversary of Bioeffect. To celebrate, the Icelandic skincare brand has designed a luxurious  bottle for its flagship product, Bioffect EGF Serum. The beautiful packaging reflects a feminine silhouette and takes inspiration from serum droplets falling onto the skin.

Bioffect enlisted Marianne Brandi, the creative spirit and head of design behind Danish couture fashion company Day Birger et Mikkelsen to design the bottle, and world-renowned glass maker Pochet du Courval to create the exceptional design. The result is an elegant and romantic pale pink creation.
To compliment the new design, a unique formulation made from AsGlo barley has been developed. The EGF activator derived from the barley was finely tuned for a silkier texture with enhanced potency, to deliver visibly radiant, glowing skin.
Developed by Sif Cosmetics scientists, Bioffect EGF Serum is a next-generation, anti-ageing beauty treatment that improves the skin’s appearance by encouraging it to repair its own cells. The cellular activator in the serum is produced in genetically engineered barley in a state-of-the-art greenhouse in Iceland. The barley is grown in pure volcanic pumice and watered with pure Icelandic spring water, using renewable geothermal energy.
The celebratory limited edition 50ml design is to be a collector’s item, with only 2999 bottles created worldwide. The original 15ml Bioffect EGF Serum will also receive a makeover, with beautiful limited edition packaging designed to mark the occasion.


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