Fab For Fugly Feet


Hard and calloused skin on the feet can cause pain and discomfort, especially when areas like the heels start to crack, making them sore and vulnerable to infection.

Unfortunately, too many people seek professional help only when concerned how ‘fugly’ feet look.

Traditionally, blades, cutters or drills are used to remove hard and calloused skin. In the right hands, on the right feet, these can be very effective tools.

But when used by inexperienced (or negligent or unethical) operators, they can be a downright danger, with the risk of injuring skin and introducing pathogens.


As a business owner (or therapist) offering pedicures, and if you do not have a professional podiatrist on your team, you might want to look at less invasive, but extremely effective alternatives.

Renowned Swiss nail brand Mavex has introduced Calluspeeling, a professional treatment that can only be used by a qualified beauty therapist or medical practitioner.

It involves a solution of natural and organic ingredients sourced in Switzerland applied to the feet via pads, then wrapped in plastic film for 15 minutes.

‘The time saved is significant – while patches are on the feet, nails can be filed and cuticles treated,’ say Australian distributors John and Alison Dalton, of Busymint.

‘During the time patches are on the skin, the dead, hard skin and any callouses on the feet are completely softened so they can be easily removed with a simple plastic tool, then finished with a file, massage with Calluspeeling Daily Foot Care Cream [this can then be upsold to clients for home maintenance] and polish.

‘Patches can also be applied during a facial or body treatment, while waiting for masks or wraps to work.

‘It’s easy to perform and does not require particular knowledge. The absence of blades avoids any danger of bleeding, meaning the treatment can be performed by trainee or less experienced therapists.’



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