Sonic Frequency Cleansing Brushes for skin

Ashleigh Sharman gets down and dirty, and then squeaky clean, with sonic cleansing brushes that go the distance.

A cleansing brush may well be in your client’s bathroom but are you making the most of this technology, and consumer craze, in your treatment room?

Sonic cleansing brushes, which use sonic frequency to oscillate fibres at high vibrational speed, have now reached such high popularity with consumers obsessed with clean skin. The sound vibrations, in combination with specially designed bristles, are said to provide a superior cleanse and exfoliation without impairing or sensitising the skin and increase the effectiveness of product penetration. Teamed simply with a cleanser, they are mobile and easy to use, all at the push of a button.

“The sonic brush is optimised to work with the skin’s own elasticity providing rapid oscillatory flexing of the infundibula opening,” explains Advanced Skin Technology National Education Manager, Joanne Healy.

“By oscillating at sonic speed the net result is the inelastic comedones become loosened and detached from the infundibula wall and are then cleared from the acroinfundibulum,” says Joanne who advises sonic cleansing brushes as an alternative for skin types that can’t use standard exfoliating scrubs or acids — also attracting a broader clientele.

Providing a gentler, effective cleanse and even superficial exfoliation, Ann-Marie Nolan, Clinician at the Facial Rejuvenation Clinic, uses the Purasonic cleansing brush on clients prior to the majority of laser treatments.

“Before any laser treatment there needs to be absolutely nothing on the skin: no make-up, dirt or oil. This is due to the main target of the laser being pigment and if there is any make up present this could cause an adverse reaction on the skin and possibly post inflammatory pigmentation.

“Including this cleanse as a step in our treatment process ensures skin is thoroughly cleansed and makeup, dirt and debris is completely removed from the skin, which will ultimately offer our clients better treatment results,” she explains, adding that although the main benefit is for laser safety purposes it also provides the client with a superior experience — rather than just a normal hand cleanse.

Maria Avis, Clarisonic Australia National Trainer, also highlights the suitable use of sonic cleansing across a range of businesses.

“Many dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and beauty therapists use Clarisonic for pre- and post-procedural cleansing — going on to recommend Clarisonic as an essential first step at home, prior to the application of serums or moisturisers.”

Consider how often a piece of equipment used in your treatment room is available for purchase? And so, the benefits are not just for the client alone with the device itself providing the opportunity to up-sell.

“Clients become interested and want to be able to use the device at home,” says Ann-Marie. “We find as a business this method of cleansing provides a greater result for the client and therefore makes our job more effective.”

Joanne concurs that there is great opportunity to retail brushes and suggests aestheticians recommend them with cleansers or include in treatment packages — the work you achieve in the treatment room thus continuing out the door and at home with your client.,,

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