Trend Alert: Brows 2016

Brow whisperer Jazz Pampling discusses the highs and lows of brow trends for 2016 with self-confessed bushy brow gal, Ashleigh Sharman.

From Cara to Kim, brows continue to shine in the beauty spotlight. But with social media steadily becoming this facial feature’s favourite tool, what shapes and styles will clients be sporting in the year ahead?

“2014 was really all about Cara Delevingne, but it did scare a few people off. The majority of clients loved the look but it really was the height of the big brow trend and so in 2015 we saw the fuller brow take on a groomed appearance,” says Jazz, adding that each culture however had its own take on the trend — think Kim Kardashian and her super-defined, high arches.

Brow Trends STORY 3“Coming into the New Year, I’m starting to notice brows with a lifted tail being favoured,” adds Jazz.

“It’s less about lifting the arch and more about lifting the tail as women are starting to utilise this shape as an anti-ageing trick.”

With tails lifted, brows full and groomed for the New Year, Jazz advises that although a trend might quickly take flight, when it comes to clients, you must work with what suits and complements their facial features.

“More people are aware of using the brow as an anti-ageing tool, just look at how often the area is injected, but I’m inclined to follow makeup trends when it comes to the brow. Find the brow that suits the client first, don’t worry about the trend until you get the optimal brow shape in place,” Jazz says, adding that the sheer volume of brow product coming on to the market reveals just how much more work women are doing than ever before.

“Every makeup company is producing brow products and not just one or two but an entire range. Women are a lot more aware of how they fill their brow in but you really need to take the time to educate your client.

“There’s a lot out there and it can be very overwhelming. I can use multiple brow products to create, shape and colour but what I need to do for clients is create a brow that requires minimal filling-in — most just don’t have the time,” says Jazz who suggests recommending multi-use shadows or brow mascaras for quick and easy application.

Brow Trends STORYAnd where we may have once looked to the international runway shows for new season trends, it’s social media, or more specifically Instagram and the Kardashians that are ruling the hard and fast world of beauty. Single-handedly changing the game, Kim Kardashian dictates the trend on the street and demands the world’s attention even if unrealistically so.

“Instagram brows are killing me!” exclaims Jazz.

“There is so much work involved in an Instagram brow and clients have no idea. It’s unrealistic to do that to your face: waxing, tinting, threading, every day!

“Brows don’t naturally look like that but the super-defined brow is now part of the ultra-contoured makeup trend that requires dramatic eye makeup to match and because of her Armenian background, Kim’s brow is groomed within an inch of its life,” she adds.

But Jazz notes Kim’s brow shape is typical of her ethnicity and it can be hard for every woman who walks through her door to emulate a brow like hers.

“My brow would never grow the same way, it just doesn’t have that arch,” says Jazz.

“That’s the difficult thing with that world, they are setting trends, but I think less is more, all the time, so focus on what suits your client first before imposing a trend.”

Brow Trends STORY 2With appearances planned at trade shows in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in 2016, Jazz says her focus will be on the booming men’s market and aesthetics industry.

“There are a lot of guys walking around with brows better than Kim Kardashian. This is not OK!”

“We need to learn how to avoid feminising the brow when it comes to male clients and importantly we also need to communicate with cosmetic physicians on how to approach anti-ageing techniques involving our client’s brow area. It’s going to be a busy year!”

Story image credits: Model, Georgia; Photographer, Milos Mlynarik; Hair, Makeup & Brows, Jazz Pampling.

Main image credits: Model, Samantha Harris; Photographer, Titus Pengaly (Reload); Makeup and Brows: Jazz Pampling; Hair: Nicole Abela (Reload).

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