Golden Glow at Tan Temple Bondi

SPA+CLINIC spoke with Jaclyn Haslam, co-owner and manager of Tan Temple – one of Bondi’s most successful beauty destinations.

What is Tan Temple’s point of difference?
Scott and Lauren Capelin opened Tan Temple Bondi Beach in 2009. They noticed there was a gap in the market for spray tans and wanted to create a high-end salon where tanning was the sole focus, hence attention to detail and consistency is extremely important at Tan Temple. This creates an ambience in which our clients can relax with the peace of mind that they’ll receive a high-quality tan every visit.

Our staff, referred to as Sun Goddesses, are taught to tan on models, and complete comprehensive training to ensure the same meticulous routine is followed on each individual. This routine covers every area of the body to give our clients the most thorough, even and natural-looking tan possible.

Tan Temple STORY 2How important is your location?
Bondi is the perfect location for Tan Temple. It is Australia’s most iconic beach and is therefore a popular tourist attraction; it’s also a favourite spot for Sydney-siders. Looking and feeling your best is important when bearing almost all on the beach and we give clients a safe, natural, long-lasting tan, free from the damaging effects of the sun.

Who is the Tan Temple client?

Because of the variety of colours we offer, coupled with our knowledge in how to deliver a fantastic and even faux tan and our superb customer service, our clients range in age from fourteen to those in their eighties. We tan both males and females of all cultural backgrounds.

We tan a lot more males than you would expect; many men are being introduced to tanning by their partners and after they’ve had their first tan they never look back. Making everyone feel welcome and comfortable at Tan Temple is extremely important to us.

What services and products do you use?
We started with just a few brands of tan, and now carry a range of 15, including our own range of Sunescape rapid tans. We continue to try out new ranges each week. Following a thorough consultation, we have the unique ability to blend different tans; this ensures tans are tailored to the needs of clients’ skin and the requirements of their lifestyle.

How has the tanning industry changed since you opened?
Tan Temple STORY 3Spray tanning has come a long way since we opened our doors in 2009. Gone are the days of basting in your tan overnight; 90 per cent of clients now prefer to have the two hour option which enables them to rinse their tans off. The choice of brands and colours has definitely expanded; things have most certainly changed for the better.

More companies are focusing on the ingredients in their tans and are choosing to take more natural approaches, which is really important. When developing our range of tan, Sunescape, we wanted a tan with more natural, nourishing qualities. We use nut and seed oils and vitamin E in our tan. This means it feels much nicer on the skin, it lasts longer and it fades evenly. With experience comes knowledge.

Tan Temple STORYWhat do you attribute to your success?
We focus on all the little things that really make or break a spray tan. Each of our Sun Goddesses goes through hours of training to learn our routine. This ensures all tans are the same regardless of who performs them. Clients regularly comment on how thorough we are with our coverage and after-care.

Every client is a walking advertisement and we have managed to build up a client base of almost 9000 to date, mainly through word-of-mouth referrals.

Tan Temple, 140 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach

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