Inika Makeover: Before and After

After a handful of hideous makeovers, I’d vowed to always do my own face, but when invited on behalf of SPA+CLINIC to Inika’s New Look launch, my fingers type an RSVP before any sense of prudence protests.

It would have been madness not to attend. Organised by the talented team at Style Counsel, held at the trendiest venue in town, the afternoon boasted makeovers by celebrity makeup artist Emmily Banks. I follow her on Instagram and love her work.



I snap a “before” selfie upon arrival and feel incredibly lucky as I walk down the corridor of the La Porte building, past the studio of my fashion blogger crush, Nadia Fairfax.

Entering the event space, I take in the scent of an abundant spread of native blooms. These complement the ethos of Inika – a plenitude of the brand’s products are certified by the Australia’s Organic Food Chain.

Helping myself to my all-time favourite beverage (a new young coconut), I greet the gorgeous Emmily Banks but it’s Inika’s business development manager, Judy Ward, who goes to work on my face.

“I’m a trained makeup artist and I’ve been working with Inika products for a couple of years now,” Judy says, applying some of the brand’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil on my bare skin.

I was having the face equivalent of a bad hair day, complete with blemishes, extreme dry patches, and a general sense of sallowness, so I felt dubious that even a makeover maestro like Judy could make me feel purdy!

Nevertheless, she ploughed on, prepping my palor with the Certified Organic Primer, a formula injected with hyaluronic acid, and answering my questions about the brand.

They’re stocked in spas such as Gwinganna Health Retreat. “We’re looking to be stocked at more medi spas. Our range is good for the skin, and perfect for spas to retail post-treatment,” she says.

Although I’m forbidden from seeing my reflection yet, my base is done before I can take a breath; applied with feather-like fingertips, and super-soft brush bristles.

As Judy pauses while it sets, I’m surprised to learn that I’m wearing concealer, liquid foundation and mineral powder. It honestly doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup – just moisturiser.

There’s eight shades of mineral powder available, catering from milk white to coffee with a dash of milk: “I used the colour Inspiration on one of my Indian clients the other day and she just glowed,” Judy says.

Contouring comes next. Bronzer is dusted beneath my cheekbones and peach blush is applied to the cheek apples. These are organic certified minerals, but baked on terracotta tiles in Tuscany to fit inside a convenient compact.

Although the “baked goods” haven’t been released yet, the brand is excited about the upcoming launch: “It will be interesting to hear which our customer base prefers,” Judy explains.

Using black and brown pencils, plus a mineral eyeshadow in Gold Dust, my eyes are primped and ready for two coats of mascara.

The final touches of my overhaul are a coat of their award-winning vegan mineral lipstick in Cherry Blossom, and a highlight of the brand’s cult illuminating cream on my lips’ Cupid’s bow. Done.


When I see myself in the mirror I’m so floored that out comes my camera, as per above, to record the before and after.

My skin is brighter. Dare I say … radiant?! But my eyes …wow! Judy did an amazing job. She truly brought out the depth in them, yet they don’t look over-done.

Despite the layers of makeup, there is no sense of heaviness at all. It feels natural, and honest. Honestly ME. Just like the brand.

Jess Turner and Emmily Banks