Is This Western Australia’s Most Opulent Medispa?

They’ve won awards for their treatments, but it’s the interior design of Iconic Medispa in Western Australian that has caught our attention.

From meticulously planned colour palettes to touches of bespoke furniture and fixtures that wouldn’t look out of place in a designer home. Australia’s spas and skin clinics are delivering experiences that extend beyond the skin with interiors that define ‘Instagram-able’. But when we came across Iconic Medispa and Dentistry in Perth, our jaws hit the floor.

Unlike any clinic we’ve seen, this cosmetic spa and dentistry hybrid takes over-the-top glamour to new heights. It’s delivering interior inspo you’d expect to see in a European palace. From the enormously lavish chandeliers throughout the practice to the aromatic tea that’s served while you wait for your treatment, every aspect of the experience has been crafted to be luxurious yet comfortable at the same time.

Iconic Medispa
The waiting area at Iconic Medispa features a self-playing grand piano.

But don’t be distracted by the opulent interior. Focusing on complete facial harmony, Iconic Medispa founder and director, Dr. Michael Chan and his team deliver a holistic service that combines dermal science with cosmetic medicine and dentistry.

Beyond the sparkle, they’re passionate about dropping the filter. It’s their goal to help reveal their clients’ confidence in their natural beauty through aesthetic treatments and a luxurious experience. From skincare to smiles, Iconic Medispa approach beauty from all angles.

“Iconic provides a complete range of services so that our patients have the ultimate confidence to go ‘makeup free’ and enjoy the natural state of their skin, without the feeling of having to ‘hide’ ‘cover and conceal’,” shares the Iconic team.

Watch the video below to take a peak inside this luxurious space.


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