Is Great Skin This Season’s Hottest Fashion Trend?

Are ten layers of makeup out, and 10-step skincare routines in?

Spring is a busy time in the fashion industry. It’s around now that all the resort and summer collections begin to drop, and this gets us very excited as it means Aperol Spritz season is just around the corner.

These collections shine light onto what we’ll be wearing on our bodies and, by proxy our faces, in the coming months. The makeup looks created for these campaigns impact the trends for the season. Brands will often partner with big-name makeup artists to create a striking look to help spearhead their collection into the limelight. But it seems that this Australian fashion label has flipped the switch on the narrative and taken a different approach to this season’s hottest makeup.

Aje has teamed up with Minenssey Skincare, stocked in Self by The Parlour Room, to help launch the Resort 21 Chroma Collection. The inspiration behind this partnership is to highlight each model’s skin with nourishing Australian skincare. Creative Director and Co-Founder of Aje Edwina Forest says that Minenssey speaks to the natural world, which is heavily referenced throughout the Chroma collection.

“The Aje design philosophy embraces artisanal and curated sensibilities. This ethos not only is reflected through what you wear and how it makes you feel, but also the holistic importance of your inner and outer worlds,” Forest said.

The models in the campaign shoot look fresh-faced thanks to a host of Minenssey Skincare applied by makeup artist Filomena Natoli. She says the key to raw beauty starts with preparation and care.

“Modern beauty is confident skin that is “free”, clear and radiant. Minenssey skincare is the first step to creating beautiful skin,” said Natoli.

Natoli started with the Hydrating Cleansing Souffle, followed by the Facial Essence, Treatment Mask and Aqua Cream. After she allowed those to sink in, she applied a light layer of makeup and finished off by adding the Superfood Facial Elixir to the highpoints of the face for extra highlighting. You can view the campaign and BTS shots below.

Does this mean the fashion industry is moving away from ten layers of makeup and reverting to 10 -step skincare routines instead? We suppose 2020 is a year of change, twists and turns, and we think this could be a welcome one.

How would you feel if the skincare stocked in your spa and clinic was used in major fashion campaigns? Do you think it would help business? Let us know in the comments.

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