Clean Skin Is Beautiful

Creator and director of Australian eco-luxe skincare brand MUSQ, Emma Reid, explains the passion behind her mission.

I’ve created this range of chemical-free makeup and skincare products with one guiding philosophy: Keep it clean, kind and simple.

At MUSQ we care about our planet, and we care about people’s skin. This is why we choose to put quality before profits, and why we never use any nasty chemicals or toxic preservatives. It’s about choosing the best ingredients for skin, and taking care of the world around us.

Nature makes things simple, and we like to keep it that way. Beautiful skin shouldn’t be complicated. Created in Australia, MUSQ products are inspired and derived from the land we live on, and we try to include native Australian ingredients in our products whenever we can. I am passionate about using sustainable products and ingredients that are natural, luxury and highly effective, which provide results whilst remaining good for the planet.

We never test on animals, because that’s gross. Our products are accredited by PETA, Choose Cruelty Free, and Truth in Labeling. They are also vegan and gluten-free. At MUSQ cosmetics, we’re committed to keeping people healthy with products that are natural, ethical, and clean.

With our recipes, we believe the things you leave out are just as important as what you put in. And what do we leave out? All the nasty stuff – like parabens, silicones, benzoyl peroxide, PEGs, petroleum erivatives, mineral oils, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial dyes and fragrances, talc, nano particles and harsh additives.

Healthy skin is beautiful. Keep it clean. Choosing products that are good for the skin and for our planet should be a given, not a luxury. We believe that making small changes can make a big difference. This is why we encourage consumers to choose consciously, and do the best you can for your own health and wellbeing, as well as the world around you.

It’s my belief that living clean and making conscious choices is the key not only to healthy, beautiful skin but health and wellness in general, both physically and mentally/emotionally. I’ve taken inspiration from the land I live on and try to use native Australian botanicals whenever I can.

MUSQ was launched in 2007, in a small shopping village in Melbourne. Since then, the brand has grown and we’ve established a loyal following in Australian and international markets. It is now based in Adelaide, where I work closely with my team to bring our ideas to life.

We collaborate with leading pharmacists and cosmetic formulators to find the highest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients, to create products that deliver real results. I believe it’s our responsibility to give consumers total transparency around what goes into our products empowering them to make more conscious choices for the health of your skin and the planet. MUSQ.COM.AU