America’s First Male-Only Plastic Surgery Clinic Opened

A new plastic surgery clinic has just opened in New York, and is said to be the first of its kind in the country – as it offers procedures exclusively for men.

The clinic offers everything from plastic surgery to non-invasive services like Botox and injections for hair loss, and has been designed to deliver a comfortable, more masculine environment for men to receive procedures that are normally directed at a women-dominated market.

It’s called The Club House, Founded by New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, who says the new clinic fills a need that has up until now been ignored.

“It’s designed for men, by men, and is a place where men can feel comfortable,” Rowe told ‘Good Morning America.’

While acceptance of men’s cosmetic procedures and male grooming is becoming more widespread, there remains a significant stigma, and The Club House has been designed both as an opportunity to break down those barriers and give male patients the chance to receive their desired treatments without the need to hide it, or book after hours consultations and services.

Rowe estimates that up to a quarter of his existing client base are men, and that most of the time, male enquiries come between 1am and 4am, with procedures generally take place before 10am or after 7pm.

“A [male] patient doesn’t have to whisper, ‘Oh, I’m here for a penis augmentation,'” he said. “It’s a place where a guy could call up and say, ‘I’d like to talk to Dr. Rowe about penis augmentation, hair transplant, hair plugs or hair removal from my back,’ and feel comfortable.”

A far cry from the traditional cosmetic surgery clinic, visitors to The Club House are treated to a cosy, ‘man-cave’ aesthetic complete with bar, shoeshine stand, poker table and fireplace, with 90s hip hop setting the tone.

Rowe hopes that in the near future, there won’t be any shame associated with male plastic surgery.

“I hope that stigma is gone hopefully in 20 years, and a place like The Club House won’t be needed,” he said. “But until that time comes about, I think I’m providing a service. And the fact that this has exploded and patients are beating down the door literally to get in tells me that there is a need, and we’re fulfilling that need. Hopefully, down the road, places like this will not be needed. But until that time comes, we’re here.”

Thankfully, Australia has its own answer to The Club House, including Man Cave in Sydney; offering injectables, cosmetic procedures like penis enlargement, skincare and laser treatments, and Melbourne’s Manhor; providing a range of hair, grooming and body treatments.