Sydney Welcomes First Bar & Clinic

In a first of its kind, Sydney Hair Salon and Medi Spa Christopher Hanna is now the only location in Australia to offer hair services, injectables, skin treatments, and a full service bar under one roof, unveiling the spectacular new $3.5 million concept earlier this year.

Stunningly set in a heritage building on Bridge Street, Christopher Hanna, whose neighbours include Kid Kyoto and Jade Temple, even offers a back alley entrance from Bridge Lane to the bar and cocktail lounge, which is open to the public.

Anecdotally, Christopher Hanna is also one of the only locations in Sydney that will offer you a cocktail from 10 in the morning!

The 24-seat salon takes its aesthetic inspiration from the late 1950s legacy of the building it’s housed in, marrying with more modern features like Versace wallpaper, marble walls, handmade black steel mirrors and a $1 million custom copper bar.

The salon was co-founded by Guy Binder and Sam Badawi, who aimed to offer an all-encompassing pamper retreat like no other. “The idea was to combine hair, cosmetic beauty and a lounge bar all under one roof in a way that had never been done before,” says Mr Badawi. “This is a place where people­ are pampered to the max… and everything just flows, from the food to the treatments to the cocktails.

“Whether you’ve booked in for hair styling or having injectables or laser, we’ve designed it so your husband or your friends can be waiting for you in the bar or lounge — or you can have a drink and fine food while you’re having your hair done.”

Despite the casual bar atmosphere, Christopher Hanna still operates under strict medical authority and professionalism when it comes to skin and injectables, with all procedures on offer signed off by a doctor and administered by a trained professional injector.

“We understand that the concept may seem over the top to some people but at the core our number one priority is to provide top-level and safe service to our clients,” Mr Binder said.

From the moment of entry, visitors will find a bustling hair studio filled with celebrity stylists, glamorous decor and flawlessly-dressed attendants on hand to fulfill your every request. The discreet anti-wrinkle clinic is housed downstairs, as is the sumptuous bar and lounge, and upstairs guests are treated to luxe massage chairs whilst having their hair washed. Even the halls are decorated with metallic inspirational quotes, and bathrooms decked out in glamourous 60s Miami style.

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