How Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine Is Influencing In-Clinic Treatments

Combining Eastern medicine with Western science is proving to be the way forward for cosmeceutical skincare and the in-clinic experience it delivers.

Ancient health and beauty rituals have always been the leading inspiration for modern wellness and aesthetic treatments. From Japanese Gua Sha to the K-Beauty movement and even Cleopatra’s many beauty secrets set in ancient Egypt, everything that was once old is new again. 

While many of East Asia’s rituals have become headline making trends, it’s the practice of Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest health practices in the world, that’s serving as inspiration for a new beauty movement. It’s combining lifestyle practices with effective customised skin care for a truly holistic experience.

AWE Cosmeceuticals is a prominent brand used in spas and skin clinics whose philosophies are deep-rooted in Ayurveda.  The Australian made medical grade skincare has been designed based on learnings from Indian Ayurvedic medicine combined with Western science.

AWE Cosmeceuticals Product Range

“Ayurveda is the ‘science of life’, it teaches us how to be in balance with our body, mind and spirit,” says founder, Rebecca Powne. “AWE Cosmeceuticals is a combination of my two loves, Ayurveda and skin science, particularly ingredients. I didn’t feel I could go into one without the other. 

“Many Ayurvedic ingredients are now used in skincare, it’s just that their origin was not previously attributed to Ayurvedic medicine. There is a wealth of scientific data on many Ayurvedic herbs and I wanted to incorporate these into my skin care range which is focused on good delivery and optimal results.

“We all know that the skin is really a reflection of our internal wellbeing and according to Ayurveda that is all connected to our digestion. I believe this knowledge is a powerful addition to the application of topical skin care to attain results which are more than just seen on the skin,” advises Rebecca.

The ayurvedic focus is changing the in-clinic experience

Sarah Gianoli, owner of SJ Skin and Beauty
Sarah Gianoli, owner of SJ Skin and Beauty

Sarah Gianoli is the owner of SJ Skin and Beauty and found AWE and its Ayurvedic roots to be the perfect fit when she was looking for a new range for her clinic.  

“I have worked with many skincare ranges in my beauty career, and I have always loved working with organic and vegan products. When I decided to open my salon and do research on skincare ranges, AWE Cosmeceuticals popped up,” says Sarah. “When choosing a skincare range, I was looking for a product that was organic, vegan friendly, results driven and affordable to my clients. AWE ticked all those boxes!”

Her clients have been loving the results they’re seeing in their skin, but the changes have been much deeper than what’s on the surface. Thanks to a focus on Doshas, the energy patterns that influence our thoughts and behaviours according to Ayurvedic medicine, working with AWE Cosmeceuticals has seen Sarah deliver a far more integrated service.  

“I am a very big believer that a lot of what is happening to our skin is a result of what is happening from within the body. We need to heal internally to get the best results out of your skin. 

“So, from an Ayurvedic point of view, working out a client’s Dosha first we can prescribe the right skincare products but also give them advice on how to balance their particular Doshas from within with the right exercise, diet, sleep patterns and mind healing.”

Gemma Sheehan, owner of Signature Creations, is another Beauty Therapist whose practice has been influenced by Ayurveda since introducing AWE. 

Gemma Sheehan, owner of Signature Creations
Gemma Sheehan, owner of Signature Creations

“Around 3 years ago, and after many years of using other product ranges, I was ready to try something new and needed something that fit with my visions for my business as well as my lifestyle beliefs,” says Gemma. “After trialling a few other ranges, I found AWE Cosmeceuticals and I instantly knew it was perfect for me.

“I knew very little about Ayurveda when I first discovered AWE but now I actually love it! I talk Doshas ALL the time with my clients and friends! We all know our lifestyle choices play a huge roll in our health and well-being, and Ayurveda really goes much deeper and takes that to the next level of understanding our own body’s constitution as individuals.”

Working alongside AWE Cosmeceuticals founder, Rebecca, Gemma has been able to introduce Ayurvedic rituals that compliment her skin treatments and give her clients a deeper connection with their skin health. 

“We now use Kansa wands, chakra balancing and marma point massage in so many of our treatments, not only facial but also for our body massages. We also use our Dosha questionnaires to help guide people in their health and lifestyle choices.”

The undeniable feedback from both clinic owners and their clients is proof enough that introducing experiences that tap into health and wellness alongside skin treatments is a much-welcomed and enjoyed approach to skin health. 


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