This Spa Went Sustainable, And This Is How You Can Too

Founder of Bare Beauty House, Naomi Browner, offers some helpful tips on how to make your spa and clinic more sustainable.

Bare Beauty House is Sydney’s latest spa and salon, but with a twist. Located in Manly, the spa boasts a firm belief that beauty shouldn’t cost the earth and offers sustainable beauty services. Founder and sustainability leader Naomi Browner started Bare Beauty House to satisfy a passion for both the beauty and hair industry as well as the earth.

Naomi Browner

“My love of animals, marine life, and nature has always driven me to become a better person and make better choices. I decided enough was enough. The ocean is suffering because of our negligence, and I needed to do something different within my industry that could impact my local community and encourage us all to make some positive changes,” Naomi said.

At the spa and salon, you’ll find only products that contain natural ingredients from companies that ethically source and give back to the earth. Any salon waste is recycled through Sustainable Salons, and the Eco Head basin heads purify and use 60 per cent less water.

They even offer a product refill program. Clients receive 10 per cent off their purchase if they bring back their bottle. It’s simply topped up with whichever shampoo is best suited at that time, and it doesn’t have to be the same as the previous bottle they purchased. 

“With all our beauty products, these bottles aren’t refillable, so we offer a bring back program where you get 10% off if you bring your old bottle back in and we are then able to recycle it properly,” she said.

Naomi says finding the right mix of luxurious products that were also sustainable was quite a challenge. Although she still encourages other spas to think sustainably.

“I have been trying and testing numerous product ranges over the past six years and have only now found my perfect blend of sustainable luxury,” she adds.

If you are a spa or clinic wanting to be more eco-friendly in your choices, Naomi suggests starting with recycling, or even adding a few plants into your space.

“I find the best place to start is with recycling through a company called Sustainable Salons. They set you up with all the different bins you need to sort your waste, so it’s a no-fuss easy swap out to make for any salon.”

“Real plants around the salon is an easy and lovely thing to have. Snake plants or mother in laws tongue, produce the highest co2 emissions, so they are the best to help purify the air,” she said.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your plants and bins and feel a little bit better about yourself as you’ve just done the right thing. The planet will thank you for it.

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