Here Are All The Dates You Need To Know For Your Marketing Calendar In 2022

Take the stress out of strategy and content planning with our guide to important aesthetics-related dates of 2022.

Planning and following a social media and marketing calendar is essential to help expand your clientele and grow your business. So to save you the stress of figuring out which dates you need to include in your marketing strategy, we’ve compiled a list of important dates to keep in mind for spas and clinics as well as some tips of what to post and promote.

Here are all the aesthetics-related dates of 2022 to help you plan your strategy and content for the year.


14th: Valentine’s Day
The perfect time to promote treatment packages and gift certificates to give to loved ones.

17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day
Encourage followers and clients to pay-it-forward. This may include gifting a treatment to a friend or loved one, or you might even want to ask your followers a kindness-related question to increase your social engagement.


8th: International Women’s Day
March is Women’s Month, but International Women’s Day is the perfect time to showcase the amazing women in your team and celebrate your clientele.

20th: International Day of Happiness
Happiness comes from within, so promoting wellness-focused treatments is the perfect way to celebrate this day.


Stress Awareness Month
Stress affects our mental health and often shows up on the outside. April offers the perfect time to educate your followers and clients and suggest both wellness and skincare-focused treatments to help them unwind and relax from the inside out.

7th: World Health Day
Celebrate world health day with a sale on whole-body treatments, especially those that focus on mental health and wellbeing.


Mental Health Awareness Month
Keep in mind that May is Mental Health Awareness month, so it’s the perfect time to educate clients on the importance of caring for their mental health and suggest wellness-focused treatments to help them do so.

8th: Mother’s Day
The perfect time for a sale on signature treatments and a focus on gift certificates.


8th: Best Friends’ Day
What better way to say “I love you” to a friend than a spa day? The perfect time for a two-for-one promotion.

12th: Global Wellness Day
Ask your followers what wellness means to them and promote your top wellness-focused treatments.

13th–19th: Men’s Health Week
Now is the time to build your male clientele. Use your social media to post educational insights as well as the products or treatments your brand or business offers tailored to men.

21st: National Selfie Day
Encourage your clientele to post their favourite selfie, tagging your page. You may also want to promote treatments to help both new and existing clients achieve a selfie-ready aesthetic.

22nd: International Kissing Day
Help your clients pucker up with a focus on lip treatments and injections, perfect for posting before and after shots.


5th: International Bikini Day
Get those bodies bikini-ready by promoting your go-to treatments including laser, body contouring/sculpting and liposuction.

24th: International Self-Care Day
Ask your followers how they practice self-care and let them know that self-care isn’t just about face masks or luxurious treatments (although these are very soothing!), but also about wellness from within.


14th: National Tattoo Removal Day
If your spa or clinic offers tattoo removal, today is the perfect day to run a promotion.

15th: National Relaxation Day
Encourage your clients and followers to relax and unwind, and include information on your signature relaxation-focused treatments and products.


Skin Care Awareness Month
Use this month to educate your followers on the importance of caring for their skin through skincare products and treatments but also getting skin checks.

3rd: World Beard Day
Perfect for promoting hair-regeneration products and treatments, facial laser hair-removal and any other treatments to help your male clientele level-up their beard game.

4th: Father’s Day

Dads like to be pampered, too! Encourage your clients to buy gift vouchers or treatments for the father figures in their lives.


7th: World Smile Day
Promote your smile-related treatments, including teeth whitening and lip treatments, and post before and after photos to showcase your most Insta-worthy smile treatments.

10th: World Mental Health Day
Highlight your wellness-focused treatment offering and encourage your clients and followers to check in with their mental health today.


2nd: International Stress Awareness Day
Educate your audience on how stress is directly related to the appearance of skin.

25th & 28th: Black Friday & Cyber Monday
It’s sale time! Run a sitewide promotion to encourage new and existing clients to book.


12 Days of Christmas
Plan a 12-day promotion to highlight your gift-worthy products and treatment offers. You may even want to run a giveaway.

31st: New Year’s Eve
Encourage your clients to create resolutions and goals for the New Year that prioritise wellness, self-care and confidence.


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