How To Remain Up To Date With News From The Wellness And Aesthetics Industry

So Facebook did a thing…

This morning, you probably woke up to the news that Facebook has blocked Australian publishers from sharing news and content on its social media platform.

Unfortunately, as an Australian publisher (although we prefer to consider ourselves like a trusted friend), this applies to us too. Although, there are still plenty of ways you can remain up to date with the latest news from the wellness and aesthetics industry.

First up, is our website, which you’re reading this on right now. Go you for finding our little blush pink haven of the internet! We post daily stories on a range of topics from how circuit breaker lockdowns affect small businesses to ways to spice up your monthly team meetings. You can turn on notifications for SPA + CLINIC, so you never miss a thing.

We also have our quarterly print magazine that includes in-depth features to sink your perfectly plump lips into and detailed information for practitioners on the industry’s latest advancements. You can subscribe here to receive a print copy in the mail or read our back issues for free.

You can also sign up to our weekly newsletter to have the stories that interest you delivered straight to your inbox. They are a bite size amalgamation of everything you might have missed on the website because we know running your business can get very busy sometimes.

Finally, you can follow us on our other social media channels, including Instagram and LinkedIn. We post regular content like this, which hopefully brings a smile to your beautiful faces.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support. It’s this community that make our job so fulfilling and not really feel like one at all. We are privileged to watch your businesses grow, and guide you through the tough times. Facebook or not, we are happy to be along for the ride.


There are 5 ways you can catch up with SPA+CLINIC?

  1. Our quarterly print magazine, delivered to your door. Subscribe here.
  2. Our website, which is updated daily with its own completely unique content and breaking news.
  3. Our weekly newsletter – free to your inbox! Subscribe here.
  4. Our digital magazine – click here to view previous issues.
  5. Our social media – see daily updates on our InstagramFacebook Linkedin

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