How To Update Your Spa Bedding For The New Season

Ensure your clients are warm and cosy with spa bedding that’s optimised for the cooler months.

Keeping clients comfortable is always the goal. Changing seasons often bring changes to your décor, perhaps your treatment menu or the vibe in your clinic. And it should signal time to change your spa bedding as well so your clients can truly enjoy every moment of their treatment.

We tapped expert Leanne Spring, owner of Spring Spa Wear, for her best tips on creating the perfect spa bed before winter’s chill really sets in.

What are the key things to think about when updating your spa bedding?

LS: As we head into Winter it’s more important than ever to make sure your clients are warm and at total ease during their treatments. There is however, a technique to getting the amount of layering just right. You need to avoid too many layers as they can slip out of alignment, look too messy, or feel too heavy on clients feet while they are lying down.

For these colder months we adore our Organic Cotton Bedding Comforter. The waffle weave adds a gorgeous texture to your treatment table and it’s perfectly padded, adding just the right amount of weight for your clients to feel cosy. You could also try a wool underlay, or even a heated blanket. Switching it on in the morning will mean your clients have a warm bed to climb into which will always be welcomed.

Can you walk us through how to put a spa bed together?

LS: There are six steps to creating the perfect spa bed:

Step 1 is a very key item, the bed valance. Our valance is made from a stretch fabric on the top to fit all beds and has a face hole with openings at each end and each side so you can store items under the bed, but still have a clean and tidy look.

Step 2 is the fitted sheet; your client should never lie directly on the valance.

Step 3 is to add the flat sheet. To maintain a high level of hygiene, you will change the fitted sheet and a flat sheet between clients. Our bed linen is made from quality hotel-grade microfiber so they are long lasting and easy to launder. It only takes seven minutes in the dryer for our pillowcase, flat sheet and fitted sheet to dry!

Step 4 is to add your bed cover of choice along with step 5, a bed runner. The bed runner not only adds a nice design feature but will keep your bedding clean from clients dirty heels.

Last but not least, step 6 is the pillow.

Can you offer some advice on maintaining bedding and uniforms? What’s the proper way to launder them?

LS: Each of our uniforms comes with care instructions so you know how to properly care for your items. We always recommend you wash on a cold gentle cycle and wash with similar colours. Do not use fabric softener as it will affect the stretch in the uniform fabric.

Our top tip would be to always ensure you wash towels separately to everything else. Towels can cause pilling if washed with uniforms, and may cause transferring of unwanted fluff onto bed linen.

Leanne Spring, Founder of Spring Spa Wear


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