The Wellbeing Treatments To Add To Your Spa Or Clinic

If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that the glorification of being busy needs to stop and make way for times of rest and recovery.

We explored the latest wellness hubs and in clinic treatments available on the pages of SPA+CLINIC volume 85. A stand out? Renew ECP Therapy.

Renew™ ECP Therapy gives everyone the opportunity to enhance their circulation through the introduction of ECP Therapy. Widely regarded as an effective method to increase blood flow, ECP Therapy can aid in improving quality of life, cardiovascular efficiency and sports recovery. 

Good circulation is vital to good health. It’s how the blood delivers the oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and other materials that cells need to support, repair and protect the body. It also takes away waste, preventing the build-up of harmful substances over time.  

It is a safe, nonsurgical treatment, and is a comfortable and relaxing experience. To date, more than 300 studies have been published showing the long-lasting benefits of Renew™ ECP Therapy.  Renew™ ECP Therapy incorporates a full and detailed health assessment to deliver a tailored program that meets the client’s requirements. After an initial health assessment has been completed, you and your client will select one of the programs most suited to their needs. Reported benefits to overall health include increased energy levels, exercise tolerance and vitality. 

Even fit and healthy people can benefit from ECP Therapy, as was the case with Eloise. “I initially investigated ECP for its recognised benefits and ability to improve cardiovascular health. I’d never ask someone to use something I haven’t directly experienced, but being a very healthy and fit person wasn’t sure what, if any, benefits I’d experience. I’m extremely happy that I persevered with sessions as I believe they’ve had a direct impact on my health and looks, evidenced by a friends recent comment that I ”look as if I haven’t aged a day in over 10 years”.

Take a look a the digital edition of SPA+CLINIC volume 85 for more ways to incorporate wellness and recovery into your spa or clinic.


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