5 Interview Questions To Find Your Dream Team

We understand that the recruiting process is just not what it used to be, and business owners in the spa and aesthetics industry are finding it increasingly difficult to source quality candidates. With the industry well and truly shifting towards deep holistic journeys and long-term client commitment, the demand is growing for staff that are in it for the long-haul and want to really grow alongside a business.

With cultural fit and long-term commitment playing such an important role, it’s key to keep in mind what can be taught – such as your products, procedures, how to deal with clients, crises and complaints, etc – vs what cannot be taught; such as kindness and compassion, a drive to learn and seek self-improvement, and a deep desire to provide clients with incredible results.

So if you are confident in your training and nurturing abilities and want to focus more on the holistic, customer-journey-based aspects (as opposed to just skill and experience) when hiring new staff, we’ve thought up a few questions that are designed to really delve into these areas:

  • Why did you study your chosen field? This seems like a basic question at its core, but the answer should give you incredible insight into what your potential employee wants to achieve. Did they study Beauty Therapy because they love makeup and skincare? Or Cosmetic Nursing because it’s lucrative and there are countless opportunities available? Or did they study because they can make a difference in their clients’ lives?
  • How do you want clients to feel when they walk in? This will demonstrate whether they were paying attention to their environment when they walked through the doors, and that they have a genuine understanding of the client journey, as well as how their conduct can truly influence the client experience. It will also give you a clue around their personality when dealing with clients – ie, are they nurturing and strive to make clients feel calm and safe? Or are they bubbly and want to make their clients feel enthusiastic and happy? How about after they leave? This is another great indicator of what really drives your candidate, and their answer should align with your business’ branding and core beliefs.
  • A twist on an old classic – Instead of asking what they think their greatest weakness is, try asking what they have been told their greatest weakness is. This will let you know if they have been exposed to environments in which constructive criticism is given, and whether they have the ability to a) take it on board and b) handle it! You’ll get to witness first-hand their reaction to any perceived areas of improvement, if they agreed and what their next steps to rectify it were at the time. If candidates struggle or hesitate with this question, it may demonstrate they have something to hide, or have had disagreements around this area in the past.
  • What are your plans if you don’t land this position? – this response will tell you right away how committed they are. For instance, you may receive responses like “I’ve got a few more interviews teed up” vs others like “I haven’t thought about any other jobs but this one” are fairly indicative of their passion for your business and the position you’re offering!


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