20 Holiday Social Media Tips

We’re almost at the pointy end of the month, so much so that you’re undoubtedly so busy you barely have time to get through this article (we’ll try to keep it brief, we swear!)

You’re likely already dealing with a booked up schedule, phones ringing off the hook, and endless emails continuing to flood through, a flat out team and countless Christmas details left to organise. But instead of leaving social media as a last resort, why not take it as an opportunity, not just to improve your sales but help you in the business and logistics department as well?

Here are 20 ways social media can help you and your spa or clinic these holidays:

  1. Regularly post about your gift selections – not just in general, but photos and information on specific items. This way, some of your followers can make a gift decision before they even walk through the door, saving your staff a lot of time.
  2. Make specific suggestions on who each gift might be appropriate for in terms of age, demographic, family member or relationship etc. to make things even easier for shoppers.
  3. Delegate the management of your social media channels to a team member that has enough time to ensure regular posts, and that every comment and enquiry is responded to in a timely fashion.
  4. In particular, respond to Facebook messages quickly. Your goal should be to achieve and maintain the ‘very responsive to messages’ badge. New clients will be more inclined to enquire if they know they will receive a speedy response.
  5. Schedule posts ahead of time. This will be particularly useful if you and your team are simply too busy to post in real time, while also allowing you to post on your channels on the public holidays – without worrying about it on the day. You can do this directly on Facebook under your post’s ‘Publish’ dropdown menu, or you can create a free Hootesuite account to manage additional channels like Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.
  6. If you’re fully booked, or struggling to squeeze clients in, use your channels to post a PSA about it – clients will appreciate the honesty and it may reduce the number of enquiries you have to knock back.
  7. Regularly post linking to your online booking system, to reduce the number of phone calls you receive.
  8. Add the online booking link to your Instagram bio.
  9. Add your e-commerce to your Instagram posts to boost online sales.
  10. Start generating buzz for January. With such a hectic leadup, most of us forget there is life beyond Christmas. Now is a great time to remind everybody of this, and start thinking about the future so you can book up the January quiet period.
  11. Post your Christmas hours and pin them to the top of your Facebook feed.
  12. Post your Christmas hours on Instagram – more than once. If you haven’t done so in the last two weeks, post them again.
  13. If you have any competitors in your area, take a peak at their social media platforms and how they’re engaging with users.
  14. Don’t let your fabulous festive pics override your existing content. Maintain your before and after shots, in-treatment photos, links to blogs etc. It’s still your portfolio of work and you should continue to remind clients why they visit you – aside from your gorgeous gift options!
  15. If you have a cancelation, post details of the slot in your Instagram Stories. You should also publish regular Instagram and Facebook posts too, but since feeds are not displayed in chronological order, you might increase your chances of filling the slot if it appears at the top of your followers’ feeds.
  16. Have an online store? Post a Christmas stock discount code on Instagram to reward your existing followers and encourage new ones to follow you for more offers in the future.
  17. If you’re running any specials, create a Facebook Offer on your business page. Here’s how.
  18. If you offer electronic gift vouchers, post a video of what it looks like to receive and open one of them. Any clients worried about the presentation (or lack there of!) will love the demonstration.
  19. If you and your team have any advent calendars you’re opening each day, post short daily videos of this process! It’s always a great idea to establish a personal connection with your followers on socials wherever possible, and this is a simple, fun way to do so, whilst also encouraging followers to check in with you each day to see what’s next.
  20. Between Christmas and New Years, post a dedicated Thank You message to your clients for their year of service. They will really appreciate the personal touch, and (hopefully!) continue to visit you next year.

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