DOCTOR BABOR PRO Exclusive Launches In Australia

Launching to the Australian professional market in August 2019, DOCTOR BABOR PRO is so highly effective that it is only available from the hands of specially trained skin experts. Internationally, DOCTOR BABOR PRO will only be available in clinic and spa and will not be sold online or through third-party sellers. BABOR research and development teams in HQ Aachen, Germany along with 70 experts from around the world spent two years developing this special skincare to inspire the most demanding cosmetic institute customers with visible skin rejuvenation. When things were finally ready for the lab – it was clear this product had to work extremely quickly and visibly with no downtime.  This is nothing new to BABOR which boasts over 60 years of expertise. What is new, however, is the even greater precision and instant results.

The main goal was to fine tune the parameters in the skin with the greatest benefit for the customer in question. Factors such as pH value, bioavailability and chemical structures of individual active ingredients were examined and ultimately the most effective were selected. They were used in pure active ingredients in 9 active concentrates with a variation of professional and retail products. In addition, highly concentrated fruit acid exfoliators, activating and soothing masks and creams, some with lamellar structures identical to the skin ensuring the most precise skincare therapy were added. With an offering of three highly effective professional peels and 16 take home products including 9 serums, 1 take home peel, 4 moisturisers and 2 masks.

Thera Pro Peels – Peeling without inflammation or inflam-ageing

AHA Peels belong to the group of so-called chemical peels and contain alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) of natural origin as their main constituents, e.g. lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, apple acid, glycolic acid. Applied to the skin, these fruit acids dissolve the bonding substance between the dead skin cells, loosening the skin structure. Depending on the peeling and application intensity used, dead skin cells can be removed to varying depths.

The professional DOCTOR BABOR PRO fruit acid treatments – TheraPRO Peels

Do not aim at short-term successes which become visible with the superficial detachment of the upper corneal layer, instead, opt for those that are much more sustainable. Sophisticated and long-term tested compositions of various fruit acids with precisely balanced fruit acid proportions and pH-values ensure a controlled, even horn cell detachment and promote skin regeneration, which continues from the deepest to the uppermost cell layer, when professionally applied.

Extremely effective and without unnecessarily stressing the skin, TheraPRO AHA Peels set the comprehensive, intensive regeneration activity of the skin in motion.

What makes DOCTOR BABOR PRO AHA Peels so controllably effective?

The intensity of AHA peels can be controlled by specific parameters. The very special blend makes the DOCTOR BABOR PRO AHA Peels optimally effective and safe to use.

pH value

 The body’s own substances consisting of dead skin cells, sweat and sebum together with a healthy skin flora determine the natural pH value of the surface of the skin. It is slightly acidic and is ideally between 4.5 and 5.5. When a TheraPRO Peel is applied in professional practice, the pH value of the skin – adapted to the respective skin reactivity to AHA Peels – is lowered briefly and in a controlled manner varying from 3.5pH going down to 2.7pH, which is the lowest, safest level.

Activity: Percentage of free acid molecules

 BABOR uses a balanced ratio of free and buffered acids to keep the pH value of the fruit acids stable over as long a period as possible and to control their influence on the skin.

Application concentration

 Application concentrations of 20 % to a maximum of 30 % fruit acids ensure skin compatibility with visible and noticeable treatment results.

Type and combination of fruit acids

The penetration potential of the various fruit acids changes depending on the corresponding molecule size. As the smallest AHA, glycolic acid has a higher penetration potential into the corneal layer than others. All PRO AHA Peels use a comparable fruit acid composition of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid. As the peeling intensity increases, only the glycolic acid content increases while the pH value of the peel decreases. This makes it possible to assess possible skin reactions very well in advance by applying milder AHA Peels and to adapt TheraPRO Peels extremely flexibly and individually to every skin type, every skin condition and every skincare aim.

Duration of application

The longer the skin contact with fruit acids – especially with a high fruit acid content and low pH value – the more intense the effect on the skin. For reliable results, BABOR defines the maximum exposure times based on the selected acid intensity.

DOCTOR BABOR PRO is spearheading the field of professional cosmetics. Developed by experts for experts.

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