Introducing Prevention: Cellular Capital

Reawaken the skin’s stem cells and preserve the youth capital of the skin with the DIBI Milano next generation technology, Prevention: Cellular Capital, a DIBI exclusive complex of Pentapeptide – 31 cross-linked with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Professional beauty begins a new era with DIBI Milano’s perfect complexity of functional active ingredients to target specific beauty concerns with immediate visible results.

Formulated in all of their ranges, the result is maximum performance. The Prevention: Cellular Capital is composed of the innovative peptide Pentapeptide-31. It protects the environment of the epidermal mother cells, delivered by a cutting edge carrier that guarantees its effectiveness.

DIBI Milano’s exclusive use of Pentapeptide – 31 acts on a complex of 5 key markers that regulate the destiny of the epidermal mother cells and their niche cells for an exponential cellular regeneration and skin repair.

Cross-linked with high – molecular weight hyaluronic acid; encapsulates and delivers the Pentapeptide-31, increasing DIBI Milano’s cutaneous permeation by as much as 40 per cent* that is then released into the skin by a natural enzymatic degradation.

*As proven by certified results from Italy’s oldest and most renown dermatology university, the University of Pavia.

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