Cellular Advantage

Doctor Babor Refine Cellular Peeling Gel and Lipo Cleanser

Babor unveil two new additions to the Doctor Babor Refine Cellular range.

The new Doctor Babor Peeling Gel (above left) helps to remove tired old skin cells and reveal a fresh and refined complexion.

Unveiling silky-soft skin, protect clients against premature aging with the AHA10+10 formula comprising 10 per cent fruit acid and 10 per cent antioxidants.

The new Doctor Babor Detox Lip Cleanser (above right) reveals a clean and glowing complexion. The cleanser has the consistency of a balm and when applied to the skin, melts on contact to produce a gentle, warming effect, which opens the pores.

When massaged into the skin with moistened fingertips, the balm also transforms into a milky micro-emulsion that removes deep-seated impurities.


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