Ultra MD For Ultra Results


The Ultra MD range consists of four products: Ultimate Brightening Serum, Ultimate Firming Serum, Ultimate Refining Serum, Ultimate A2 Anti-Ageing Serum and is available exclusively through cosmetic physicians, surgeons and medispas.

It has been developed to give results that those visiting cosmetic doctors would expect. The products contain much higher levels of active ingredients than found in mass market off the shelf products.

Ultimate Brightening Serum is a six-action pigment blocker, for those who want skin lightening as effective as a prescription skin lightener. Ultimate Brightening Serum was recently found in a split face trial on 10 people graded by two cosmetic physicians to be as effective against pigmentation as tretinoin/hydroquinone, the most common cream prescribed by doctors.

Ultimate Firming Serum is a dermal repair stimulator containing Microelastin with 15 percent pure Vitamin C. Microelastin is a peptide fragment of elastin which has been known for many years to stimulate dermal repair.


Ulitmate Refining Serum is a prescription strength equivalent pure vitamin A skin rejuvenator. It contains retinol 0.6 percent sealed exclusive in soft wax microparticles for optimal freshness and skin delivery. The active forms of vitamin A, retinal, retinol and prescription retinoic acid, according to the scientific literature, are the most powerful skin rejuvenating agents.

Ultimate A2 Anti-Ageing Serum is a prescription strength equivalent vitamin A double skin rejuvenator. It contains retinol 0.5% and retinal 0.1percent sealed in soft wax microparticles for optimal freshness and skin delivery. Retinal is several times more potent than retinol.

Ultra MD products are recommended for anyone who has signs of ageing, loss of firmness, wrinkles or excess pigmentation. Those who have only ever used off the shelf products will experience extraordinary results compared to what they have been used to.



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