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Black Leopard Hydrating Face Scrub

The skin on a man’s face has larger pores, more collagen and produces more sweat than a woman’s – and then there’s the stubble factor.

Put all these factors together and it can attract a considerable amount of dirt.  

Hydrating Face Scrub from the premium men’s range Black Leopard exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin with a combination of tiny grains of black rice, glycolic acid (which also helps lighten discolouration), centella asiatica to speed wound healing (eg. shaving cuts) and strengthen the skin, anti-inflammatory agent aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and essential oils to boost hydration.

It can be used whether the face is clean-shaven or sporting stubble to reveal younger, fresher skin, also helping  to keep blackheads at bay and reduce acne breakouts.



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