Your Dog Can Now Get Pampered With You

Every dog owner will know the struggle of planning a holiday. Finding a nice hotel that allows pets is like finding a needle in a haystack. More often than not pooch-lovers are left with two options: Leaving their beloved dog at home/doggie daycare, or opting for a less than desirable camping holiday that allows your canine, but doesn’t offer much else.

World-renowned luxury hotel chain Waldorf Astoria has introduced a game-changer for dog owners with its very own dog retreat ‘Paws in Paradise’. At the Boca Raton Resort in Florida, four-legged friends are treated to a stay fit for a king, starting with a warm welcome from Chocoalte Lab and Canine Director Hays, food and water bowls,  a luxury dog bed, and access to the dog park at the Bungalows.

The resort provides dog sitting and walking, pooch “Nanny Cams” available to rent and resort-branded wardrobe accessories, as well as pampered grooming and indulging spa treatments, doggy daycare social lounge play, and five-star overnight boarding. The Chateau Poochie limo offers both pickup and drop off for its canine guests.

For a one-time fee of $150,  hotel guests and their pet get dog-friendly room service, daily tuck-in service, and dog food dining options at the resort’s restaurants, while an in-house veterinarian makes sure everyone’s happy and healthy.

What may seem ridiculous and over-the-top to many, is sure to provide a welcome holidaying option for most dog lovers. After all, they’re part of the family and enjoy a little pampering just as much as we do. The proof is in these happy dog snaps…

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