Feast Your Eyes


Active artisan skincare brand Waterlily, developed in Australia using only the purest botanical ingredients, introduces Marine Collagen Eye Infusion and Rejuvenating White Tea Eye Cr””me to refresh and rejuvenate tired and aged-looking peepers.

Marine Collagen Eye Infusion blends soothing aloe with active botanical ginseng, cucumber, marine collagen and white tea to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Boosted with Vitamin B5 and soothing essential oils of rose, chamomile and geranium, offers superior hydration to help reduce fine lines and create a smoother skin tone.

Formulated with omega-rich rosehip, and antioxidant white tea and blackcurrant, Rejuvenating White Tea Eye Cr””me fights free radical damage and environmental oxidation, minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage while reviving hydration and improving elasticity, tone and texture.

It is layered with a vitamin complex of A, E and B5 in a cr””me base of organic Moroccan Argan oil, silk peptides and raspberry extract.


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